Rent a Tiny Retreat in the Redwoods

Rent a Tiny Retreat in the Redwoods

Goldfinch AirBnB Listing

by Pepper Clark

If you’re intrigued by the idea of a tiny home, there’s nothing better than a real life experience to take things to the next level. Pepper Clark and Dylan Pankow of Bungalow to Go now offer a tangible way to get a feel for tiny spaces. Book a night or several in the tiny home at Otter Pond west of Healdsburg, California (about a two hour drive north of San Francisco).

Try out the Goldfinch, designed and built by Bungalow to Go as a little butter yellow guest house. This little house is on a 16 ft. trailer, with 2×6 loft framing and recessed lighting. It’s designed with a corner porch and bump out nook in the front overlooking a charming outdoor sitting room. Outlets with built in USB charging ports and a glorious pond view make the bump out a lovely and convenient micro office. A four foot wide front loft and eight foot queen size loft at the back makes it possible to sleep three. The ground level is bright and open, with smooth painted walls, custom trim, and pendant lighting. The Goldfinch has a half bath – sink and RV toilet– and shares access to a luxurious outdoor shower nearby with endless hot water.

Pepper and Dylan call the property Otter Pond because once in a while, a sassy river otter shows up to fish among the water lilies and frogs. The pond anchors a 52 acre property with a creek and hiking trails, brimming with peace and natural beauty. Beyond the attractions of Otter Pond, Healdsburg itself is a great destination; wineries, gardens, creative local food, boutique shopping, farmer’s markets, and fun events in a charming historical town green.

They feel privileged to work from such a gorgeous setting and look forward to sharing both the tiny house experience and the land’s natural treasures with the small house community. They’ll soon be building more tiny homes, and they may invite guests to book stays in the houses that coincide with future building phases. Guests could try out a tiny house and solidify their plans and preferences, while learning about the building process first hand at the same time. The Goldfinch is available to rent now through (, so check the listing for details and photos.

Goldfinch AirBnB Listing interior

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Tonita - November 10, 2013 Reply

Just wondering what type of business license is needed to rent out your tiny home? Did you have to go through a special permitting process in your county?

It is huge problem for many tiny house owners and dwellers to live in a county where it is illegal to park and live in or stay overnight in a tiny house. One report from a neighbor alerts the county and then the county has to follow up on a complaint. Do you happen to know of the land restrictions in your county in regard to tiny homes?

Thanks for any info.

Jose Carvalho - November 11, 2013 Reply

I do know here in Europe, Well I do believe we don’t need a license here, In Your own Land,,,
I plan do have one too,,,Here is our Photo , Of a small Cottage , which i Build ..

Gwen - November 11, 2013 Reply

Ditto on what Tonita said. Thanks

Christine A. Ferguson (Miss) - November 12, 2013 Reply

In Europe it is wise to check always in the local Town Halls for everything. Laws change. We see this in Spain all the time. Administrations are incompetent and do not advertise properly so do not get caught out! Good luck. Costa del Sol.

If possible keep your wheels on! In Andalucia almost 300,000 home owners have been given illegal licences by Town Halls and now face demolition. Trust nothing. Get Town Hall replies in writing!!!!

Tonita - November 13, 2013 Reply

It would be nice to get an answer from the owner. Bottom line I think most everyone living in tiny homes is doing do illegally. Not that I am the tiny house police as I own one myself. But even though I own one and own land and real-estate in a rural area in WA state, it is illegal for me to live in my tiny house on my own land. And isn’t that lovely? I pay almost $500.00 a month in taxes and still don’t really own my land or have the right to live in peace in my tiny house. Most people I believe are just one call or complaint away from being made to move or abandon living in their tiny home, or use if for “day use” only.

I have heard from tiny home dwellers that it is legal to live in tiny homes in Olympia WA but I have not actually checked that out.

I am assuming since some people rent out their tiny home that they must have a business license and be above board since they are marketing it as a business.

Just wondering?

Dominick Bundy - November 13, 2013 Reply

Very nice, But what would one do for a kitchen? Why isn’t there a kitchen here?

DK Padhi - January 4, 2016 Reply

🙁 no longer listed!

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