Own the stuff you have (not the other way around): Tiny Transition and Downsizing Starts this Sunday!

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Have you been thinking about the steps you need to take in order to start living a tiny life?

If so, you’ve probably already been thinking about simplifying and smart-sizing your life.

Maybe you need that little nudge or the support to get you started.

Or maybe you just need some help figuring out “where the hell do I start?” I know it can seem like a daunting task to downsize your belongings, bills, and lifestyle!

My good friend Mariah has a helpful, fun, and challenging step by step course called Tiny Transition and Downsizing, that will get you on the path to smart-sizing, simplified freedom in no time.

Registration is now open for Tiny Transition and Downsizing, which begins on Sunday November 1st. This is the last session of 2015!


Mariah’s Tiny Transition and Downsizing e-course is designed to help you go through the process she went through when transitioning from 1500 sq ft of clutter and chaos into a 100 square foot camper, which has allowed her to travel full-time, work less, and have location independence and more financial freedom.

How does this E-Course work?

  • Once a week, every Sunday for 8 weeks, you will be emailed a course session to complete at your convenience before the next week.
  • The lessons can he completed at your own pace, and you have LIFETIME access to both the class and the community!
  • You will have access to the other people doing the class with you in the form of a private community forum and group.
  • There are no set times or live sessions you need to make time for, so you can fit this into your busy schedule while still having amazing discussions in the forum throughout the class and beyond.
  • All you need to join is an internet connection and email 🙂

This course is designed to jump-start the downsizing process with specific instructions (things I have done myself) and provide motivation in a helpful, supportive space.

“I found Lesson 2 worth the price of the whole course. Being given permission is ridiculously powerful. I’ve carted off a bunch of stuff to the thrift store and started to see clearly some of the mindset that keeps me holding onto things.” – Patty

During the e-course, you will follow a step by step process that thousands of others have followed with great results.

Our students have purged tens of thousands of items, cut down their monthly bills, broken their bad spending and shopping habits, and even moved into tiny homes and small spaces during the course!

  • You will explore your personal goals for downsizing your lifestyle
  • Learn how to digitize your belongings
  • See which areas in your life are the best to start this process with (it’s important to start with certain areas so you build up motivation and confidence without getting overwhelmed).
  • Practice fun and challenging exercises in order to de-clutter your home and your life
  • All while meeting and connecting with like-minded people on the same journey as you.

I am so glad I ran across the Tiny Transition e-course. I have made such progress, and peace has come into my life that wasn’t there this time last year, I am very grateful.
— Troy

“Love. Love. Love this! Absolutely Brilliant.” – Janis

I’ve known Mariah for many years and I’ve only heard positive things from her students. She not only walks the walk and has the experience to back up her process, but she’s a great teacher and her support is so valuable.

The next Tiny Transition and Downsizing E-course starts on November 1st, so join now to save your spot. This is the last session of 2015!


  • 8 weeks of downsizing lessons and challenges (it’s like Downsizing bootcamp!)
  • LIFETIME access to the private class forum
  • Accountability, support, motivation and camaraderie from me and your classmates
  • The tools you need to simplify your home, mind, and LIFE starting right now.

You can register right here, class starts on Sunday November 1st.

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