M4 Homes, LLC Sale
February 4, 2011

M4 Homes, LLC Sale

I was contacted the other day about an interesting sale here in Northern California that you might be interested in. Jennifer Coleman says her brother is offering mobile school rooms, axle sets, tongues, wheels and tires, as well as trailer beds for sale. They are located in Rohnert Park, California and available for purchase. These have the potential to be the base of a small or tiny house. Worth a look in my humble opinion.

The prices are as follows: $150 for four tires; $400 for two axles with a frame ;$250 for each tongue ; Modular school houses $20 per square foot.

Contact Information:
M4 Homes, LLC
1200 Valley House Drive,
Suite #182
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
p: 707.795.5457
f: 707.795.5472
reed@m4homes.net or call Gordon Walker at 415-302-0232

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Ben - February 4, 2011 Reply

Wow, neat! I live in RP 🙂

Arlos - February 4, 2011 Reply

Today with California’s insane new lead laws it means walking on egg shells with old buildings. I’m removing a 10,000 gallon water storage tank which would make a great workshop, two storied micro home or any possibility it’s been in place since 1974 and a great likelyhood of having been painted with paint containing lead. BTw, if anyone wants this it requires you remove it and transport it from the site. I can provide photos. This is located in north Monterey County.

    Benjamin - February 5, 2011 Reply

    Regarding “insane” lead laws… The removal of lead from gasoline resulted in an 80% decline in lead levels in our blood since 1976 – along with a six-point gain in children’s I.Q.’s.

Joe3 - February 5, 2011 Reply

I wish these were in my Florida neighborhood, lots of possibilities there.

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