Learn How to Achieve Your Mortgage-free Dreams from Folks Who Walk the Talk

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By Hari Berzins

If you’re dreaming of the freedom of a debt-free, mortgage-free lifestyle but aren’t sure where to start, you’ll want to check out our eCourse. We’re Hari and Karl Berzins of TinyHouseFamily.com. We designed and built our tiny house and have lived here for almost four years while continuing to build our mortgage-free homestead. Our course has helped almost two hundred people get started on their own path to debt-free living and several folks have already reached their goals.

So often we get questions like—“Where do I even begin?” That’s what we do in the course. We begin. You begin. Every single day. All the tiny details of how we achieved mortgage-freedom are woven throughout the course—but our story only gives context to the tasks and lessons—it’s all about you and your plan—how are you going to achieve mortgage-freedom?

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In this eCourse, we tell the whole story—the real, trudging-through-mud-and-celebrating-the-milestones story—We share the practices of self-care that make-up the bedrock below the foundation of our homestead, our true money story, our budgeting and savings plan, our downsizing process, how we found affordable land, and ultimately how we designed and built our legal tiny house.

“This course is such a gift. Today, because of the encouragement I find here from you and the group, I am moving along in the direction of my dream. It is amazing to see how setting my tiny course has given me confidence, courage, and hope. Every decision now points in the direction of a hugely tiny life. Gone are the bitterness and self-pity, the feeling trapped by decisions past. These days, I catch myself singing and clapping to “Happy,” knowing that “happiness is the truth.” It feels solid and grounded, this happiness. Everything that I appear to be giving up is bringing me closer to freedom. By letting us in to the truth of your experience, you have emboldened me to live my truth. I wish I knew bigger words than thank you…” – E.L., 56, Washington, D.C.

I had to tell our story because we made this happen, and it isn’t a miracle. It has happened one decision, one breath, one step, and one board at a time. We created a deliberate process and practice to design a life and live it. Sharing this plan and process with others, breaking it into manageable steps, and watching them put their own plans in action is AMAZING.

If you long for freedom from the system of debt and consumption, check out our course. You’ll find a vibrant and supportive group of folks walking a similar path. We welcome you.

You can check out all the details and enroll here. We get started January 24, 2015.


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George Meszaros - January 22, 2015 Reply

I really like this “We created a deliberate process and practice to design a life and live it.” I wish more people would be able to do it.

Sparrow - January 23, 2015 Reply

Okay. I have $30,000. Can I buy a DECENT (not a crate) tiny house AND land for that amount?

    Hari Berzins - January 24, 2015 Reply

    You certainly have enough to get started! We started with less. It depends on land prices where you want to live.

    Good luck!

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