Houston Tumbleweed Workshop Giveaway

Houston Tumbleweed Workshop

Will choose winner tomorrow November 15. Good Luck Everyone!

The winner is Jane Ferguson – Congratulations!

Jody one of the Tiny House Blog readers and builder of her own tiny house is donating a ticket for the Tiny House Blog to giveaway because she is unable to attend because of a family crisis.

This is a Tumbleweed Workshop ticket for two days in Houston, Texas on November 22nd and 23rd. I will pick a winner from the comment section using a randomizer program and you will be given a seat at the workshop. Submit your comment below telling how this workshop would benefit your plans for your future tiny house. I will choose the winner at end of day Friday November 14. The winner will be notified via email and the arrangements made with Tumbleweed Tiny Houses via phone.

Thank you and good luck!

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Mark D Beggs - November 9, 2014 Reply

My interest in Tiny Houses is intended to be a furthering of my seminary education. I will graduate Perkins School of Theology (Southern Methodist University – Dallas, Tx) in May 2015. I see Tiny Houses as a way of establishing mobile Micro-Communities to expand the “New Monasticism” movement. The possibilities are endless .

Jim Baker - November 9, 2014 Reply

This workshop would be good for me because I am dedicated to helping older people break the ‘habit’ of aging. Building one’s own downsized house is a perfect way to build a more appropriately sized life for ones later years

Rachael Mcdivitt - November 9, 2014 Reply

That would be so amazing!!

Susan in San Antonio - November 9, 2014 Reply

I work as a maintenance person at a dude ranch in NC during the summers (at 65 and a retired architect, who could ask for a more fun job!!) I’m hoping to learn how to build tiny cottages so I can help the ranch add them to their campground.

Dawn Abernathy - November 9, 2014 Reply

I am definitely going to live in a tiny house one day so attending this workshop would be very helpful for my future plans.

Joe Alcorn - November 9, 2014 Reply

This is the next step; the concrete, working details of building a tiny home! Hearing tips, tricks, mechanics, pitfalls, and general words of advice from actual tiny homers would be priceless! Time to move forward from dreaming big to building tiny….

Paula Robnett - November 9, 2014 Reply

Hi Jody,

Thank you so much for the offer of a ticket to the Tumbleweed House Workshop. Jody, I would really love to be the recipient of the ticket to the workshop. As you may see from my email handle, I am an attorney, but not just any attorney. My predominate practice has been for the very poor, less fortunate and the elderly. In fact, the State Bar of Texas has awarded me an admission into the “Pro Bono” College because of me fulfilling the requirements of performing a minimum of 75 hours of free services to the poor. You may verify this with the State Bar of Texas Membership Department 1-800 204-2222. Just give them my name and bar number, 00794923.
I would like to start with one tiny house for a deserving senior citizen and continue to raise funds through churches and other attorneys for others after that.

I do not have a lot of money as a result of my work. In fact I currently live in a 450 sq ft apartment myself, of which I would be happy to privately verify.

I do not have a lot of extravagance, but I am happy with what I have. I registered for the program last year, but could not afford to go. My plan was to go this year, but, well as you can imagine, there was need elsewhere for someone else, and the workshop has slipped upon me and I cannot afford to treat myself to it at this time.
If you select me for the ticket, you will not only be blessing me, but so many others. I would be honored to accept
the ticket and I thank you so very much

    Carolyn Bryce - November 9, 2014 Reply

    Bless You! I sincerely hope you are the recipient …. I’m just hoping NOT to be one of those so called “deserving” Seniors. If my husband passes away, I have NO idea how I can survive without a tint house to place on my daughter’s large side yard!

    Good luck!

mylene - November 9, 2014 Reply

I want to attend the workshop but i can not afford the ticket. Actually I Want to attend the workshop with my fourth grade daughter from Lemm elementary here in Spring, Texas because we are working on her gifted and talented project and her team is Utopian destination. She is studying on how a community can live sustainably and one of the ways to do this is living comfortably in tiny houses. SHE IS DREAMING OF TINY HOUSES IN A COMMUNITY AND NOT OFF THE GRID. Living sustainably is doable with tiny houses coupled with the three Rs. Right now we are using all the information in your website to inspire her on how to go about it. I hope we win the ticket so she will be getting the information first hand.

Kitty Dooling - November 9, 2014 Reply

Tiny homes are rare in the midwest so help here is limited. I would like to build my own home but also have plans to ask a high school shop class for assistance.

Cheryl Poirier - November 9, 2014 Reply

We recently lost everything in the Real Estate crash.This workshop would be the stepping stone for my husband and myself to have a home again. For the past year my husband has fought for his life battling Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (Mantle Cell). Being put on disability one cannot afford much in an apartment in Naples FL.

Michiko - November 9, 2014 Reply

My obsession with tiny spaces started as a child when I would find the coziness between coats hanging in the closet. My goal is to move to the Rocky Mountains and to build a tiny house that looks out on them.

Deanna Charles - November 9, 2014 Reply

I want to give this ticket to my dad who is about to retire and needs a tiny home off the grid to support himself with a lower cost of living. He is a weekend carpenter and would also be able to build myself and many others tiny homes too. My dad and I both work 2 jobs each and a tiny home would allow us to do only carpentry and photography which is what we were born to do! Thanks to Jody for offering to donate her ticket, Bless you Jody! Pay it forward!!!

mary - November 9, 2014 Reply

My next step is to build a tiny house. I’m living in 450 sq ft now, down from 2100 to 1200 to 750 to 450! I’m ready to build!

Cathy Clark - November 9, 2014 Reply

First off Jody May God bless you for this generous gift & whatever your family crisis is, praying God takes care of it!
I would love to win this Tiny House workshop because my sister has bought a large piece of property in southern WVa and we’d like to eventually have a big family & extended family off-grid compound there. None of us are builders or in the construction business, so we have LOTS to learn! This workshop would get us we’ll on our way!!! Thanks again!!!

Sheila - November 9, 2014 Reply

Hello, Please count me in on the Texas tiny house workshop random drawing. I’d love to attend!

Dave Swainston - November 9, 2014 Reply

I know the basics of building most things. I have never built a Tiny house but really want to understand the details of how to build. I have worked with Habitat in the past and really enjoyed helping and building for others. Now I want to build a Tiny house for myself.

Leslie - November 9, 2014 Reply

I recently moved to northern CA after my mother’s death, and I am planning to purchase land on which to build my forever tiny home. I have visited several intentional communities, Tiny Texas Houses, Cob Cottages, Arcosanti, etc., but am quite lacking in practical skills. This workshop would greatly benefit me, and eventually my son after I am gone. Thanks SO much for your generosity!

Logan Ralph - November 9, 2014 Reply

I would like to build a tiny home on the existing slab at my mom’s house in Austin, TX. This structure would serve as quarters for a boarder and could help my mom pay her bills. I would like to learn basic construction and design so that I can create for her a green building using recycled materials with composting toilet and solar power.

Debra Rosario - November 9, 2014 Reply

I would like to know more about Tiny Houses because in the near future I would like to put at least one tiny house (preferably 2) on our 8 acres as a guest house for family and friends who could enjoy the views from our 8 acres in Hill Country along with having their own privacy while visiting.

Marie - November 9, 2014 Reply

OMG – I don’t want the ticket – I can’t afford the plane fare to Houston. Just wanted to say how encouraging everyones’ reasons for wanting it are. Maybe there is a cure for the McMansion epidemic. Have you seen the $195M house for sale???? Disgusting !!

Robin Harper - November 9, 2014 Reply

I see a tiny house project in my future and this would be a perfect way for me to get hands on experience with one, before I do my own project! Love to go to Texas too!

Ana - November 9, 2014 Reply

I was going to put in my request but after reading everyone elses, it seems there are bigger needs and ambitions than mine. Good luck to all that are working on behalf of others with your projects.

Dawn "Chelle" Samaniego - November 9, 2014 Reply

I would love to attend this workshop! My family and I are currently looking into building a small home that fits our FAMILY. We don’t need a lot of space. We don’t need what building codes state should be the size of our home. With knowledge, we can have the home of our dreams on a believable budget. I believe tiny homes in a community setting would an ideal situation for a majority of people. This would be a great opportunity!

ROSIE REYES - November 9, 2014 Reply

I never have owned a home; I want to be able to build and own a home of my own.

Dorothy - November 9, 2014 Reply

My interest in tiny homes is that I love adventures and at age 61 hope to hit the road when I turn 62 and travel to Renn Faires in my own tiny home vardo. I am currently a Privy Wench at my local Faire but wish to hit the road and explore America before I am too old to travel far and wide.

Leslie Caron - November 9, 2014 Reply

Four years ago my children left for Kentucky to build on a home on a mountain side. He lost his auto repair business when Florida economy tanked. Their dream is almost complete, At least they are not living in a steel shed now. When they moved I was despondent. However, now I want to build a tiny cabin on their property, so I can again be with my family, The holidays are looming and the “solitude” is deafening. Peace out.

Lori Clifford Wood - November 9, 2014 Reply

I am a teacher and single mom. I work at a small high school and would like to share my knowledge with my students so they would have great skill to take with them after graduation. Thank you for your generosity.

Samuel Winters - November 9, 2014 Reply

This workshop would help me to understand whether I should build a custom tiny house or purchase one (or whether to start with a barn raiser).

Cheryl Clausel - November 9, 2014 Reply

Thank you Jody for donating your ticket. Attending this workshop would further my plans to build my own tiny house in the spring. I am a single mom to a beautiful little girl. A tiny house is the only opportunity I have at the moment to have my own home.

Josette - November 9, 2014 Reply

Actually I would like to come to the tiny house workshop with my father. He has been so generous to me and now it is time give back. Together we can design his tiny house and then build it on my 8 acres. This will allow me to have him close and be his caretaker.

Camille - November 9, 2014 Reply

My background is in urban planning and I’ve become more and more interested in tiny houses – both personally and professionally. Attending a Tumbleweed workshop would be an amazing opportunity.

Lisa Williams - November 9, 2014 Reply

I would love to build a tiny home my small lot. I want to down size from a two bedroom home. I would love to be your guess. I enjoy working with my hands. Thank you for the opportunity.

Camille - November 9, 2014 Reply

I’m an urban planner, and I’ve become more and more interested in tiny houses – both professionally and personally. Their potential as affordable, sustainable alternative housing is immense. Attending a Tumbleweed workshop would be a great opportunity. Thanks!

Angie - November 9, 2014 Reply

I am a 44 yr old disabled lady whom is living with her mom taking care of her. I LOVE the tiny homes. That would be ALL I need for myself. I don’t have any money except for my small disability ck mthly. I have a brother n sister and they have flat told me that when our mom passes they r kicking me out of the home. If that happens I HAVE NOWHERE to go. NOWHERE. I need all the help I could get. Wish God Bless me with ppl helping me build a tiny home for myself. But I know thats impossible bc I have never had any kind of wonder luck such as that. Bad Luck Angie, thats me. I dont understand y though. All my life I have done nothing but helped ppl. But when it comes to ME needing help? They turn their backs on me EVERYTIME. I would truly enjoy going to one of these workshops and god willing maybe someone will be there with a tiny home they are willing to bless some person with. Or they would help me with materials and the building of my OWN HOME that no one could take away from me. That is my dream If I’m ever lucky enough for someone to give/help me build one. Is to have a HOME of my home. A Tiny Home would be ALL I would ever need. BC I’m a simple person. My life would be complete if I had one of these my 3 sweet babies (dogs) with me.
I apologize for writing such a long letter to you and spilling my heart to you but right now I feel helpless and hopeless. I feel like I will have to give up my babies and live out of my car. I just dont see a happy end for me. BC I’ve never had one.
Have a Blessed day and again I apologize for unloading on you like this. But I have no one really whom I can unload to. It’s always easy when your writing and talking to someone you will never meet and I don’t really think anyone will read this and if they do it won’t mean a thing. BC you don’t know me…. But may The Good Lord Bless you in all things.
Angie Wilson

Josette Coffman - November 9, 2014 Reply

Actually I would like to attend this workshop with my father. I’d like to design his tiny house so that we can build it together in my eight acres. The plan is for me to be his caretaker, he’s taken care of me for 55 years and now it’s my turn.

Kathy Sheldon - November 9, 2014 Reply


Jody, I feel so sorry for you and your family! Yet, you have the heart and generosity to help another, even in your own family crisis!! I hope the very best, for you and your family.

I would love to win this special gift, the thought of the knowledge that I would gain toward building my own tiny house, makes my head spin with anticipation!

I certainly appreciate the chance at winning such a magnificent gift!

Thank you,


Cori Austin - November 9, 2014 Reply

As a Houstonite nearing retirement, I am planning on seriously downsizing to a tiny house. I would love the opportunity to attend this workshop!

Marj Swies - November 9, 2014 Reply

This would be a wonderful opportunity.

diane - November 9, 2014 Reply

We have long been fascinated with smaller footprints, a smaller home. We raised our children in a converted school bus for a while. Recently the RV we lived in was destroyed by a power surge and of course not insured. We are renting a house and would love again to be in something of our own. With it being the two of us and 2 small dogs, your site has fascinated us with possibilities. To actually attend would be an amazing opportunity

Ginger - November 9, 2014 Reply

I am a single mother and have worked two jobs for a long time so I could put my son and daughter through college. They are both graduating next year and I want to build a tiny home of my own so I won’t have to rely on them for anything for a long time. Every time a tiny house workshop comes to my area, I have to use the money to fix my car or pay tuition for one of my kids. It’s just too hard for me to come up with the money to attend. I appreciate the opportunity to win a ticket to this workshop. Thank you!!!

Shawn Lester - November 9, 2014 Reply

Very simply— we are tired of living in a house that works against us, and want to be in one that works for us……

Jill Monecke - November 9, 2014 Reply

I am working in Houston as a nurse in the HarrisHealth System (Harris County) and live-in caregiver to save money for a cash only/never-in-debt-again life. I am also studying at the University of Houston for a certificate in Speech Language Pathology so that after May 2016, I can pursue my dream of taking travel nursing and speech therapist assignments while researching aspects of supportive, inclusive communities. My first Bachelor’s degree is in Child Development and Family Relations, and I am very interested in building strong, synergistic networks that nurture people of all ages. I believe responsibility (ecological, financial, familial) is the foundation of social advancement for US citizens. It would be absolutely awesome to build my own tiny house with beautiful gardens and use that experience to help others (especially feisty middle-aged women like me) to create their dreams too!

Diane Elmore - November 9, 2014 Reply

I live alone, with no family or friends support, and don’t like living in California anymore. My only child, a daughter lives in Houston and I’d like to move closer to her. Tiny living is perfect for me as I am a shut-in and love small areas. I’d like to attend the workshop to learn more and because I will be in Houston during those dates for the Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you.

Kate - November 9, 2014 Reply

My goal is to live in a tiny house. This workshop would help me learn how to get there!

Diane Elmore - November 9, 2014 Reply

I am a senior shut-in with no supporting family or friends and my only child lives in Houston. I am very interested in the workshop, because I prefer small spaces. I’d like to see if I could eventually get one to live in Texas near my daughter. It would mean the world to me.

Maureen - November 9, 2014 Reply

I would love to know more about tiny houses. I am new to all of this, but find it fascinating. From a sociological stand point, it truly shows our growth and our ability to wrap our brains around this simple idea.

Christopher Brown - November 10, 2014 Reply

Thank you for offering this up to all us Tiny House lovers. I’d love to be able to come and join. It would open the doors to the world and enable me to enjoy the life that I would like to live. Love, actually.

Paul Schide - November 10, 2014 Reply

I am preparing for retirement in a couple of years. My plan is to build and live in a Tiny House.
I don’t want to live in a large house with all of the costs and repairs. I want to be free to live comfortably, change surroundings and yet, live in my own house.

Kim Prosser - November 10, 2014 Reply

I’ve been extremely interested in this concept for years. I live in Canada and strongly believe that Canadians need more exposure to this new way of living. It would help a lot of people in many ways. I would like to be a Canadian Ambassador for Tiny Houses and work along-side Tumbleweed to establish an office and work site in Ontario. By taking your workshop it would benefit us as a team, to plan for future tiny houses everywhere. I’m a 53 yr old woman that needs a better lifestyle so I can live in an affordable, functioning dwelling and not worry about my future. I’m confident that this type of lifestyle you’re teaching people would be an ideal start to new beginnings for many people. Thank you, for the opportunity to learn, grow & join a great team of tiny housing communities.
God Bless all our joint efforts, Kim 😉

Jodie Liwanag - November 10, 2014 Reply

My husband and I are in the beginning building stages of our tiny house. We have our trailer with decking but we seem to be floundering as to how to do our framing and deciding where all of our windows and doors will go. To be able to attend this workshop would be a dream come true. Plus, it would give us an opportunity to meet other like-minded people in our area. 🙂

Rebecca Bastida - November 10, 2014 Reply

Well, what can I say??? I have been following the Tiny Tumbleweed house movement for quite some time and have gradually been downsizing and contemplating how I would plan my own home, in preparation for the day when I could build (with assistance) or purchase, a tiny home on wheels. I have worked on converting a garage into a small apartment, however if we ever have to sell the property (after my mother passes), I would have to move. I already have some of the things I would need when I start to build my own tiny home on wheels. A small propane stove with oven from an RV, a mini refrigerator and a wall mount drop leaf table. I even purchased plans for a wall bed (space saving). And I have been working on scaling down my personal belongings and wardrobe to just essentials.

When the workshops first came to Houston, I knew I could not attend. But this year, when I saw how close it was to my mother’s home, I thought, maybe this year I can afford it. But as it happened, I lost my job. So my hopes of attending were squashed until I saw this post.

There are others who have very good reasons for wanting to attend the workshop, so I wish everyone well. For me personally, attending the workshop would provide me with the knowledge I need to fully accomplish my goals of building a tiny tumbleweed home so I can fulfill my dream of serving God to the full. And attending the workshop would enable me to learn what I need to do this. I would like to be able to take the home and put it in a rural area to live a quieter, simple life and devote more time to preaching and teaching others about God’s purpose for the earth. With a tiny house, there is less to maintain and more time to be outside…preaching the good news about God’s Kingdom… the kingdom that Jesus taught his followers to pray for in Matthew 6:9-10, often called the Lord’s prayer.

May God help you all in your endeavors, and thanks so much to Jody for donating her ticket!


Raymond Boze - November 10, 2014 Reply

I will drive from Michigan for a chance at this workshop. I just gave a speech last week in my public speaking class, telling them all the great benefits about tiny houses, hopefully converting a few. I have been in love with the tiny house movement for over 10 years and this workshop would help me plan for my own future tiny home dream. Thank you

shannon - November 10, 2014 Reply

I have been interested and dreaming about a tiny home life along with a friend of mine.He’s done so much for me and would be in shock and thrilled if I was able to give him this ticket.he is also intrigued and wanting to learn everything about this amazing tiny home movement and quite frankly this would be the best pay it forward move ever …I would be honored to be able to give this ticket to my friend. 🙂

Kelly Keller - November 10, 2014 Reply

I’ve started planning in my head and notes, but need some guidance for next steps. Kids will be out on their own soon and we are looking forward to a big downsize of house, stress, debt, and material things. I would love to attend this workshop for all the practical skills and tips! Thanks!

Diane - November 10, 2014 Reply

I am very interested in a tiny house workshop. I live in California with no real family or friends and will be visiting my only child, a daughter in Houston over the Thanksgiving holiday and the week before. I would be forever grateful to be able to attend to learn more. I am a senior citizen, retired.

Jane Ferguson - November 11, 2014 Reply

I am going to build my very own Tiny Home very soon and I looking forward to learning all I can to make my dream come true. Winning this free workshop will give me all the knowledge I need to work on my plans. I look forward to meting other participants at the workshop and to meet and discuss my plans with your experienced instructors. Time is of great importance to me because I am a senior citizen with a burning desire build my own home as soon as I can. I am a retired nurse, very healthy and capable at this time. I will be in Texas in November and your workshop will fit in nicely. Thank you, Jody for your kind donation. I shall make you proud of me and the Tiny House I am going to build. With your donation and the help from the people I meet at the workshop, I am sure to succeed. Jane

Terry Gunn - November 11, 2014 Reply

I’m in the process of building a tiny house on my land. After starting the project I discovered I have a lot of questions. I would like to take the workshop to learn more about construction questions.

Helena - November 11, 2014 Reply

I would love to attend this workshop. I am currently in school and hope to use the skills I am learning to develop more affordable and sustainable housing in both urban and rural environments. The compliment to smaller homes would be the creation of more public spaces. This is another area that I hope to make an impact. On a personal note, I have become to see that the value in life comes from experiences and not from the amount of things we can own. The tiny house movement is the future… (I hope)

Thanks for putting out the free ticket.

LaToya L - November 12, 2014 Reply


I am LaToya and I definitely want to be picked to receive the opportunity to attend this workshop. Although I am aware the selection is randomized, I do not feel my exposure to this opportunity is. As a young woman seeking to build her very own on her own; help is much appreciated and desired. Not only will my abilities and plans take a giant leap forward into the realm of reality, I believe imparting my spirit, my positivity, desire and affinity for learning and team work will serve to make this somewhat kismet!! Many Thanks and best of luck to all that entered =)

Donn Kernes - November 12, 2014 Reply

This would be great as I plan on building my tiny house in the next 24 months. This will be my retirement home ( I am single with limited funds) so the tiny home is a great answer.

Jessica - November 14, 2014 Reply

I’ve been considering building a Tumbleweed tiny house and really would love to be able to go to the Houston workshop to kickoff my tiny house. I cannot wait for the freedom owning my tiny house will bring me.

Jane Ferguson - December 20, 2014 Reply

This is for Jody; a thank you card from the winner of her donated Tumbleweed workshop. Many thenks to Kent Grisworld and the tiny house blog.

Dear Jody, I was so sorry to hear your reason for not attending this wonderful Tumbleweed workshop. Thank you for providing this wonderful chance for me to meet like- minded builders of a Tiny a Houses. For me the best part of the workshop was meeting such lovely people who welcomed me in their home and taught me more than I hoped for in building my own tiny house on wheels. I stayed on an extra five days (away from the expensive Doubletree Inn) at another attendee’s home.

She was building her tiny home. I helped her family all I could. They were most gracious to me. I’ll never forget them. I cooked the Thanksgiving turkey and ham for the other helpers who were there to help as well.

Because I attended a Tumbleweed workshop, I am able to attend another workshop in my area (Vancouver, Canada) in January, 2015. I look forward to meeting all local builders and to start my dream tiny house very soon after. All this, my great adventure in building (I’ve not built anything before), was started because of your kind donation. I’ll keep in touch with you via Kent Griswold to introduce to your local Tiny House local builders you missed meeting in Houston. They are such wonderful people, they’ll help you when you are ready to build your own tiny house.

Thank you again. Jane a Ferguson, Vancouver, Canada.

Jane Ferguson - December 20, 2014 Reply

Kent, please can I edit my work. My iPad prints words I have not written!

I need a new iPad!

Thank you for giving me the chance to attend such a great workshop in Houston.
Jane Ferguson

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