12 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from the Tiny House Blog”

  1. I like your tiny houses don’t know if I will ever live in one. Current house is 1200 sq.ft.
    I kids think I am nutz, every time I fill up a storage space rather than clean it out I just build another.
    I now have 3 garages .
    I am a widower and remarried, if it happens again I may build a tiny house.
    I am retired Navy and have lived all over the world.

  2. I had plans to start building my own tiny home this summer but I fell while painting in july and broke my arm. had surgery in late august and trama from the surgery caused nerve damage. but as soon as my arm is stable i’m going to build my tiny retirement home and find a woman that share’s my interest in stress free living

  3. since I was a child, I have dreamed of a small cottage all to myself in the woods. As a senior now, I would love to fulfill that dream but, alas, I have obligations. Your blog lets me dream .


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