A Good Pair of Boots

There’s an old English adage that says, “A good hat and a good pair of boots makes for a long-lived building.” To put it another way, a tiny house on wheels will be only as sturdy and long-lived as the trailer it is built upon.

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Advanced Trailer Solutions, LLC is a small, family-owned custom tiny house trailer manufacturer with heart. Located in Canby, Oregon, Advanced Trailer Solutions can happily service clients in all 50 states and Canada.

When you call Advanced Trailer Solutions, LLC for a free, no-obligation tiny house trailer consultation, Scott McFarlane will probably be the guy to answer the phone. For many years, McFarlane earned his living on the road as a trucker. Now Scott McFarlane and his partners build the kind of quality into their trailers that McFarlane wishes he might have towed back in the day.

Like many successful businesses, Scott McFarlane’s first business started in his garage. Growing his reputation as a wizard in metal fabrication, McFarlane eventually took on two partners and changed his business name to Inter Mountain Innovations, Inc. The trio has been commissioned for some impressive high-end decorative metalwork used in Oregon wineries, as well as more utilitarian projects, such as custom fabricated stairs and railings. There’s nothing these guys can’t do with a chunk of steel…

Looking to expand into additional markets, McFarlane and team started a second business, Advanced Trailer Solutions, LLC, and carved a solid reputation as a manufacturer of quality custom boat trailers. More recently, as interest in tiny houses has exploded exponentially, they have quietly carved a solid reputation as a manufacturer of quality custom tiny house trailers.

With a website built only a couple of months ago, Advanced Trailer Solutions, LLC just might be the best-kept secret in the Tiny House Community—but it won’t be for long. Already ArtisanTinyHouse.com and UnforgettableTinyHouse.com have discovered that McFarland’s team is in a league of its own. That’s because Advanced Trailer Solutions, LLC has a solid reputation for listening to the needs of customers and delivering a custom trailer of impeccable quality…on time…as promised.

Scott’s experience on the road as a trucker and partner Aaron’s experience as an engineer makes Advanced Trailer Solutions a valuable resource for a custom trailer to designed to match the needs of each specific set of tiny house plans. A trailer manufactured by Advanced Trailer Solutions is ready to build upon without modification, and is designed and fabricated by a team of people who take pride in the details.

While you’ll have to shop for the “good hat” elsewhere, Advanced Trailer Solutions, LLC stands ready to help you with the “good boots”. Check out their website and give Scott McFarlane a call for a free, no-obligation tiny house trailer consultation.

www.AdvancedTrailerSolutions.com (for quality custom tiny house trailers)
www.InterMountainInnovationsInc.com (for custom fabricated embellishments for your tiny house)

Office Phone: 503-263-4644
Scott’s Cell: 503-750-2528

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