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I have just recently started watching some tiny house television and one of the shows is Tiny House Hunting. There is one more that I still have not had a chance to check out and it is Tiny House Nation. Following is a short explanation of each of the shows and the new season both premier on December 22. I unfortunately got the news on the late side and was having some blog down time so this is coming out a day late.

Tiny House Nation: Each week Tiny House Nation meets one new family as they burst open the doors to the exploding Tiny House movement and (with the help of an expert team of builders), downsize their lives to design and construct a new home no bigger than 500 square feet. Traveling far and wide, our host also explores the best and most ingenious small spaces America has to offer.

Tiny House Nation – Mondays @ 9/8c on FYI from FYI Television Network on Vimeo.

Tiny House Hunting: This series explores the tiny house real estate trend that is sweeping the nation. In each 30 minute episode, our realtors will help a pair of tiny home seekers from around the country find the perfect tiny home for their family in under 300 square feet. Whether it’s a potential home in the Rockies or a tiny beach getaway on the coast of Florida, each potential homeowner will be shown three different tiny homes by our realtors and then decide which is the best for them. Viewers will experience the emotional journey along with our home buyers as they explore all the things these tiny homes and the tiny house lifestyle have to offer.

Tiny House Hunting – Mondays @ 10/9c on FYI from FYI Television Network on Vimeo.

Here is a cool article about the series on BuzzFeed:

I’ve included some photos of a few of the houses being covered in these shows and some links to get more information.


True, it might only be 500 square feet, but when you add a loft and killer mountain views, it’s pleeeenty of space.


Because we’re dying over the green accents, and that nook is the only place we want to hibernate all day, every day.


Who knew you could have so many rooms in only 493 square feet? Just because you’re building small doesn’t mean you can’t dream big.


Because when you only have 172 square feet to work with, it totally makes sense to have a castle right next to the kitchen (and your master bedroom, too).

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Wilbour - December 23, 2014 Reply

Anyone know if these programs are online?

Deanna Sammons - December 23, 2014 Reply

I am in Bend, oregon now. My goal is to be in a tiny house by 2016. However, i would just like to rent one for a while…are there any opportunities for this?

    Tracy - December 23, 2014 Reply

    I think there are some tiny houses to rent in Portland. I think they might be on air bnb.

    Lori - February 17, 2015 Reply

    You can always take a trip to Nashville. The Music City Tiny house is available for rent on airbnb. It was built by Joe Everson of Tennessee Tiny Houses. His episode of Tiny House Hunters was on last night. You can also watch it on the FYI network website.

Lisa E. - December 23, 2014 Reply

I hope you make these shows available in a (YouTube type) format for those of us who don’t have TV’s anymore. All we have now is our computers because we are TV-off-grid. Thank you.

    Alex - December 26, 2014 Reply

    Lisa, they put episodes up online here:

      Grant - December 30, 2014 Reply

      When will us guys in Australia get to see tiny house nation. Currently its blocked for our region.

        Greg - March 7, 2015 Reply

        Hey, good to hear you guys wondering about this. I’m really keen on this lifestyle ( and it’s in my budget ) but have heard it’s just not really ‘legally’ possible in many parts of Australia.
        Would like to look into a shared ‘permaculture’ communal property with a mix of tiny houses.

Ericc - December 23, 2014 Reply

When is the tiny home industry going to initiate a demand on local governments to accomodate the new green tiny home in the zoning laws across the nation.
Too many people are finding their investments in a starter home declared illegal for purely political reasons.

    don burdick - January 7, 2015 Reply

    I am trying to find counties in central CA which would allow residential use. I heard perhaps Santa Cruz

Joe - December 23, 2014 Reply

Tiny House Nation is for TV consumption only I would recomend speaking with folks who have build their own or lived in a TH for a while. I’v lived in a tiny house for years and wouldn’t let the tiny house nation design for me as there are to many flaws in their ideas. On the up side they do show some interesting build in ideas, best of luck in building your tiny homes.

    Kelly Appleby - January 17, 2015 Reply

    Hi! I have just started research on tiny homes as I would really love to make this a reality in my life. A friend turned me on to Tiny House Nation, which I’ve seen a few episodes and loved. It looks like quality craftsmanship and great ideas to me (albeit I’m not a builder nor have I lived in a tiny home they’ve built) so I’m wondering what you mean when you say they are flawed? I’m asking to learn! Thank you!

Joshua - December 23, 2014 Reply

Tiny house nation is available on google play, iTunes and amazon instant video. Make sure to check out the January 19th episode where it will feature my wife and I!

jipsi - December 23, 2014 Reply

I, for one, am SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED in the ‘Tiny House Hunting’ show, if its first episode is any indicayion of its trend and target audience. A mature gay couple wanted a ‘second home’ to get away from the hustle and bustle of their busy city lives (and the typical 2,000 to 3,000+ sq.ft. residence), and their budget for their ‘tiny home’ was $600,000!!!!
Now, I don;t know about the rest of you, and I’m not a purist/stickler by any means, but isn’t the ESSENCE, the intention, of downsizing to a small or tiny home, that of adopting a lifestyle of less, too, less carbon footprint, less waste, less STUFF, less COST?
Wow. I watched the episode close and felt myself tremble.
Because anytime something REAL and GENUINE becomes a ‘trend’ among the rich (sorry, a $600,000 budget for ANY second home – forget it being a tiny – is RIDICULOUS and acceptable only among the wealthy), the makers and builders go drooling after them and suddenly we, the ‘regular’, average people, get priced right out of ever owning our own…
I can see the builders who already create beautiful (but sadly overpriced, for most of us) $80,000+ tinies designing even more ‘quality’ product and pricing it accordingly Now that they know they might ask for and receive over a 100k for their tiny, why not make one better and sell it for , well, 200k, or even 500k? WHY NOT, they will ask? SOMEONE out there will want it, and pay for it, right?
SO I digress, sort of. A business will always conduct business according to their bottom line, and if they can make and sell a product for more dollars, I don’t blame them. But ‘little houses’, like the Katrina Cottages and even Tumbleweed houses, will soon become unattainable for most of us ‘folk’, I’m afraid, if it gets out that people with half-a-million-dollar budgets are out their shopping….
Why would a builder waste their time building a $17,500 300 for a market sector when they can – in the same amount of time, just with some shrewd investment in upscale fixtures and gold-plated spigots and chandeliers – buils the same floorplan and sell it for half-a-mill?
There’s got to be a ton of profit to be made in selling just ONE of those a year (go vacation the rest!) when previously (now) they would have to put out TEN moderately-priced builds.
So I SEE where it can (will?) go…
I was so despondant afterwards, thinking of how happy those fellows are in their $600,000 ‘tiny house’ (actually, it’s more of a ‘small cabin’, but I’m splitting hairs now)… it’s the red-stained, front-screened cabin in the pic above.
Personally, I thought the interior was nice, but certainly not worth that kind of cash.
It was the location (the Door County, Northern Wisconsin type area), obviously, and it didnt hurt it was lakefront, and on a few acres.

But hey, TV PEOPLE! How about a show featuring those of us in the MAJORITY who are not only looking at a ‘tiny’ or small home to downsize to, but to help cut the yoke of heavy mortgage and debt from our necks as well, as in MODERATELY-PRICED but of good quality, attractive builds? In the up-to-$50,000 range, NOT the $100,000 PLUS….
Sorry for venting. I meant to be nice about this show, but I really, really, really can’t…. I’ll give it one more look-see (next week’s episodes) before giving it my final thumbs-down, to be fair.
But a show featuring insanely-overpriced real estate and attaching the ‘tiny house movement’ moniker to it, well, that was just downright dirty pool…. and we don’t need it. PERIOD. ;-(
‘Tiny House Nation’ is a good show, however, and I DO love Deek’s new show (two eps seen so far), “Tiny House Builders”, especially. It absolutely follows the principle and ‘notion’ behind the tiny house movement, without catering to the elite, designer snob set…
Deek’s an angel and I hope he never loses his ‘relaxshacks’ halo! 😉

    JAX - February 3, 2015 Reply

    I haven’t watched any episodes of Tiny House Hunting but I agree with you that the prices seem way too high. Especially if you’re buying something the size of a Uhaul Trailer. I just can’t imagine it costing that much.

Nick - December 23, 2014 Reply

I built a 360 sq ft TH with two sleeping lofts, huge Jacuzzi tub, laundry room with full size W/D, mini-split AC & heat, full kitchen with DW, & living room for about $13000. Craigslist, patience, and a little DIY resulted in a very livable home in the hills near Austin.
In most states county regulations are much less restrictive than inside city limits.

    Greg - March 7, 2015 Reply

    WOW ! This is the idea and the dream. Thanks for sharing the info and some HOPE.
    Take care, live well.

Cindy - December 23, 2014 Reply

I totally agree with JIPSI in regards to the new FYI TV show, “Tiny House Hunting.” This isn’t the kind of show I was hoping for at all and I was very disappointed. The program seems to cater to those who don’t really need to downsize for monetary reasons. I do believe that most people who are into the tiny house movement are looking for a way to get out of being tied down to a monthly mortgage payment, be able to pay off their bills, leave a smaller footprint on the planet, and have some financial freedom in their lives.

FYI let’s get real! Cater your programing to the real majority of buyers who are interested in tiny house hunting!

Jennifer Young - December 24, 2014 Reply

Why doesn’t anyone talk about approx, how much cash to have on hand when considering this or these project(s)? Can anyone recommend a cheap way to get up to speed on housing permits for this size? How to build with some carpentry skills but not a journeyperson?

Wilbour - December 24, 2014 Reply

To answer my own question, the FYI Network does stream their shows. I watched the Season One Episode One last night. A word of warning, if you are in Canada you have to “spoof” your IP address.
It’s a great way to get some creative ideas but every tiny house is specific to each owner to their is no perfect plan but lots of inspiration!

    Wilbour - December 24, 2014 Reply

    “every tiny house is specific to each owner to their is no perfect plan”

    That should have read; “every tiny house is specific to each owner so there is no perfect plan”

jipsi - December 25, 2014 Reply

One more mention on this subject: DYI’s “Tiny House Hunting” is the show I was specifically referring to in my earlier post.
The HGTV show “Tiny House Hunters” is a GEM, as it DOES cover tiny house hunters on a REAL PEOPLE BUDGETS (between $13,000 and $70,000 on one show I watched tonight, for instance). It even BREAKS DOWN the costs associated, in one episode, for a quirky woman looking to put together a plot of land, her choice of yurt (she bought a used one for $6500, with windows and doors already in place; her alternative, to buy the new ‘kit’ would have involved an ADDED estimated expense of over $12,000 just for the door and a few windows!), even down to her desire to keep her kitchen and bathroom spaces SEPARATE from her yurt (living and bedroom space)!
So “Tiny House HuntERS” on HGTV is a KEEPER.
DYI is the home of the show that did not do so well, in my opinion.

    Rich - December 28, 2014 Reply

    Tx JIPSI for telling it like it is. I don’t own or watch TV but struggled thru a couple episodes of ‘tiny house nation’ on my computer. Pure fluff and entertainment like going to a circus to see the bearded lady. Youtube videos are much more informative and not interrupted by ads. It is unfortunate that having $$$ is the only thing that matters to the majority in the US. Best that the rest of us don’t get caught up in that game.

Case - December 29, 2014 Reply

I’d like to find more information on the 3rd house shown. The one with the natural wood siding and metal siding, white chairs on the porch. Designer/architect etc.

    Kent Griswold - December 29, 2014 Reply

    Hi Case, you will need to contact FYI network to get more info as I don’t have that information. -Kent

debbie - January 20, 2015 Reply

I am interested in finding information on a product they used in two episodes. That would be the 305 gal. Water tank with a filtration system already built in. It sells for about $2000, but what company makes it and how can I out? We already live in a 396square ft. Park model which we upgraded and paid less than 50k for but we are still working on the water issue because it is not in a park but on private land. Can anyone help?

InsiderInfo - February 10, 2015 Reply

Tiny House HuntING is 100% fabricated. They find someone who’s already buying (or bought) a small house who wants to be on TV, and then they comb airBNB to find cute tiny rental properties that will make for good TV. Then they pretend that these properties are for sale (along with made up prices!) for the buyers to pretend to consider purchasing. How do I know this? Because they’ve been after my vacation rental tiny house for over a month for one of their upcoming episodes, and flat out admitted that the buyer would just pretend to consider it since he’s already decided on a different small house.

It’s just fluff, and last night’s episode showed two Austin airBNB vacation properties that I’m already familiar with that were supposedly for sale with, along with fabricated sale prices, even though there is no way a person within the city limits can legally subdivide his own property and sell a converted garage structure or accessory dwelling unit as a standalone home when it’s sharing a single lot. I just emailed the network with my opinion of their 100% fake and scripted “reality show”, which I would never participate in because it doesn’t represent the tiny house movement factually whatsoever.

Since I never signed anything, this isn’t libel if they freely explained the premise of the show to try to convince me to participate. Watch it for eye candy only, not for reality.

Rosemary - February 13, 2015 Reply

I’m retired, own a home in NJ, but need to relocate to (or near) Ventura, California within about a year. Am very much interested in renting or buying a tiny home. Will consider Ojai. Anybody have any tips about how to go about researching?

TedS - March 2, 2015 Reply

S1E12-Tiny Condos..
More practical, less about “oh this microwave” or whatnot when couples think that they need to keep the furniture for whatever reason.
I did feel a bit sorry for the girlfriend as she was making innuendos about love making and he ignored it and at one point mentions he isn’t worried about the bedroom because he won’t be in it much.
She’s in denial, but maybe not, as she seemed a bit shocked that he agreed they shouldn’t live in the gay district. Sadly she’s going to end up finding out someday regardless.

Surprising however that in SF they were even able to find anything under 1 million $.

Lyn Reece - April 1, 2015 Reply

I’d like to see a show building a tiny house for the elderly. No lofts + extra safety features. I’m 70 and live in NC . One of my sons lives in Buena Vista, CO and wants to build me a tiny house on his property…log cabin style. It will be for my older years instead of a nursing home. In the meantime it will be my guest cabin for when I visit. I think a good sized deck with raised herb & flower beds would be wonderful. Also a senior friendly bath with seat in shower. Could you someday plan to do some shows for seniors?

    Terry - April 9, 2015 Reply

    In Ellijay, GA a tiny house is being built as a model. It is 460 sq ft with one floor living. I, too, am looking for a one floor living plan and this meets that criteria. It is built using SIP construction…very well insulated. The interior can be designed to meet the needs of the young or us older folks…In Ellijay, they hope to incorporate as much “off the grid” ideas as possible. Ellijay is in the N.Ga.Mtns., an hour+north of Atlanta. Come pay a visit!

Suzanne - April 17, 2015 Reply

That last house was built on Tony House Nation in the very first episode. It’s now for sale on I wish they’d do a “where are they now?” I’m curious as to why they are selling since some people don’t seem like their ready to go tiny.
Another thing “tiny house hunting” seems to have an obvious formula. If you want a tiny house on wheels, you’ll look at a few and then end up not getting any and do a custom build. If you want a tiny apartment/permanent structure you’ll look at a few and buy the largest option. Kinda disappointing…

Darleen - May 2, 2015 Reply

Does anyone know how the show (Tiny House Nation) chooses their projects? Or who you would have to contact to find out?

c - December 26, 2015 Reply

Moving the camera and making whooshing noises doesn’t make the house any bigger and the whole nervous camera work drives me crazy. Hold still for heaven’s sake so we can get a look at the space!

Not holding still so we can’t get a good look is NOT helping. Actually it only makes me want to avoid the program.

G Holden - January 4, 2016 Reply

I love the tiny house shows and enjoy seeing how they can optimize the space. But, Tiny House World plays loud music just as the buyer walks in to see a new place and is CONSTANTLY doing a ‘swishing’ sound effect every time a bit of info is displayed on the screen or change scenes…..up to 20 times a minute. It’s extremely annoying. Really wish they would lose the sound effects and lower the volume of the music!

L Schwartzenberg - January 20, 2016 Reply

I am very interested in purchasing the tiny house 270 sq. ft. furnished tiny home featured on the sand diego newly single Girard episode of Tiny House Hunters…but have been unable to find out who makes it or sells it…can someone please help? I am disabled and on a fixed income and losing my rental..a tiny home and a place to put it would be the only way I can prevent homelessness for myself and my dog..thank you

Ryan - May 17, 2016 Reply

I love this show! FYI honestly does a great job with their reality programming. They have a new show airing soon on 5/31 called Teenage Newlyweds that I’m looking forward to as well. I believe it’s airing at 10pm EST.

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