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Balsamroot and the yurt

In my experience writing about Tiny Houses over the last decade, I have seen hundreds of beautifully crafted and elegantly designed tiny houses. The Tiny House movement has succeeded in grabbing the attention of millions in this country and around the world.

However, I’ve come to the conclusion that, while their appeal is widespread, tiny houses on wheels may only ever be a reality to a small percentage of the population. If there were a structure that offered people a bit more space, flexibility of design, and was affordable for the masses, the Tiny House Movement could finally have a legitimate way to appeal, realistically, to the average American. I have found that structure in the Freedom Yurt Cabin. The Freedom Yurt Cabin is a hard wall yurt which consists of insulated walls and an integrated floor system which are a big improvement over traditional fabric Yurts.

At this time the Freedom Yurt Cabin is a semi-permanent unit and can be placed as such in different locations. Freedom Yurt Cabins are also working on other options so that you are not just purchasing a shell that you have to build out on your own. Coming soon are interior modules such as a kitchens and bathrooms that you can add to the original purchase of the Yurt Cabin.

The innovative minds over at Freedom Yurt Cabins are also planning to release a Yurt Cabin model which conforms to the International Residential Code (IRC). This certification will make this new Yurt Cabin into a fully functional home. It will be built on a a standard foundation and approved much more widely than traditional fabric yurts or tiny houses on wheels.

Freedom Yurt Cabins and Tiny House Blog are excited to announce a collaboration that will bring more exciting photos, videos, and stories to the Tiny House community. Freedom Yurt Cabins are leaders in building attractive, sustainable structures that offer great value to anyone interested in an off grid getaway or permanent Yurt home. In cooperation with Tiny House Blog, they will look to bring their vision of affordable lodging to the Tiny House and Alternative Structure communities.

  • Readers of Tiny House Blog can look forward to seeing first-hand how Yurt Cabin owners build and outfit their Yurt Cabins all around the world.
  • If you’re interested in seeing if a Yurt Cabin would be right for you, please contact Kent Griswold,

Freedom Yurt Cabin

Freedom Yurt Cabin interior

Freedom Yurt Cabin floor plan

Main Floor

FYC Loft


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