Episode 1 – Tiny Yellow House

Derek “Deek” Diedricksen just sent me a link to his brand new video that shows off his Hickshaw tiny house. I just received his book the other day and was really impressed with his artistic ability and after watching this first video I see he also has a real talent as a videographer too.

This is the first of many episodes and with this outstanding quality, Deek will become a great ambassador for the tiny house movement on YouTube.

You can learn more about this house and Derek’s book visit his blog, RelaxShax.

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Rickles - March 3, 2010 Reply


Deek’s book is great if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Gene Wallen - March 3, 2010 Reply

My kind of guy!

Christina Nellemann - March 3, 2010 Reply

Derek, you’re cracking me up! What a great little design that’s soooo kick butt for Burning Man. The solar roof would need to be covered up to keep you from being cooked…but I hope to see you and your Tiny Yellow House out there! Excellent video too.

Heather - March 3, 2010 Reply

Deek has star power for sure.

Donna F - March 3, 2010 Reply

LOVE his voice! 🙂 Sounds like a radio announcer’s quality!

Deek - March 6, 2010 Reply

Thanks all of you, And yeah, Donna, I was a CBS fulltime/primetime radio announcer for 7 years in downtown Boston (104.1 WBCN- Modern Rock)…1999 to 2005.

And roof RE: gettin’ cooked in the sun- most definitely an issue I had thought of- and the solution could possibly be as simple as an exterior sun cover, or multiple vents (in conjuntion with a solar fan) inside that tiny shack.

Thanks again
And Kent- MUCHO thanks for the blog-post! You’re a gent and a scholar!

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