EcoHouse Documentary Film

A while back I featured Alex and his Ecohouse located in Sweden. Recently he contacted me about a film they are producing and your chance to get involved in the funding of the project. Not everyone appreciates using the internet to raise money but I wanted to give those who want to an opportunity to help Alex out if you so choose. Here is more information about the project.

Could a small house be the big solution to today’s society of over-consumption?

Alex, Anna and Oden leave New York for Europe, rural Sweden, to build an ecological house for $15,000 or less.

They are on a journey of self-rediscovery that ends up being a lot more challenging and fun than they ever planned.

This is the story of their fight for freedom, independence, and life in balance.

We want to tell our story but also visit other pioneers of the small house movement, as part of that, we are raising funds for non-profit filmmaking.

Learn more about the project at the Kickstarted webstite.

4 thoughts on “EcoHouse Documentary Film”

  1. I want to thank Kent for his support and everyone that contributed!
    I think this is a great way to promote small house living.
    “When was the last time they made a movie about your huge mcmansion?” We can now ask all those that aim to diminish our tiny house lifestyle 🙂
    And I want everyone to know that dollar donation will do a lot to raise awareness of the issue.
    The old media is very late to follow trends, it is up to us to promote change.
    Thanks once again!

  2. Thank you for your comments!
    Lauren, If you live somewhere warm it can be a lot cheaper.We got our kitchen, bathtub, water heater free from house demolition.

    Also like I say at the trailer website, the amazing “hobbit” house is made by Simon Dale and he says his house cost a lot less


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