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Diana Lorence of Innermost House Presents

Innermost House

About two years ago I had the privilege of visiting Diana and her husband Michael at Innermost House. It was a unique experience and I made two good friends from my time with them.

Diana Lorence has three speaking engagements scheduled this month for the tiny-house and sustainable-living devotees in the East! This is exciting also because Diana is starting to speak to public audiences for the first time.

A while back I, Beth Homicz began a correspondence with Diana, who asked me to help her arrange for her to give a talk in my area — Lexington, Virginia, in the southern Shenandoah Valley. We have set the date for that talk, for Sunday, October 20. As it happens, however, she has been invited to speak even sooner to the distinguished Thoreau Society in Concord, Massachusetts and that talk will happen this Friday evening, October 11. There is also a talk scheduled for Sunday, October 13, at the historic First Church Somerville UCC in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Diana’s talks will focus on “Where I Lived and What I Lived For,” a theme she borrowed from a chapter in Thoreau’s classic Walden. So she won’t be discussing the nuts and bolts of tiny house building or planning, but rather the simple, mindful, contemplative life she and her husband created in their tiny cabin.

You Are Invited on October 11, 2013

To join the Thoreau Society of Concord, Massachusetts
for an evening of conversation with Diana Lorence
as she discusses her life at Innermost House
On Friday evening at seven-thirty o’clock
Thoreau Birth Farm, 341 Virginia Road, Concord, MA 01742

RSVP to Mr. Michael Frederick, Director
The Thoreau Society
(978) 369-5310, info@thoreausociety.org

This event is generously sponsored by: The Thoreau Society,
The Walden Woods Project, Thoreau Farm,
and the Trancendentalism Council of First Parish
~presented free of charge~

There is information on all three talks and on their respective localities at http://www.innermosthouse.com/#/you-are-invited

Diana Lorence

If you would be interested in having Diana speak at an event in your area.

Diana’s talks are specially offered without fee to all religious, philanthropic, charitable and environmental associations.

Hosting a presentation is simple. Diana travels to all parts of the country and abroad. Please contact us here with the details of your situation, including your location and dates, your audience, venue, and special requests. We look forward to hearing from you!

Use this link to contact her: http://www.innermosthouse.com/#/you-are-invited/to-host-a-presentation

fireplace in Innermost House

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Beth - October 9, 2013 Reply

Thanks very much, Kent, for posting this! We do hope many of your readers will be able to join Diana at one of her scheduled talks — or to invite her to speak in their own areas!

Rich In My Garden Office - October 9, 2013 Reply

Wow i love the photo of the tiny cabin, Is it open plan in side?

Keith - October 9, 2013 Reply

Greetings Kent.
Please tell me, is the little flame that’s burning in the fireplace real or gas?

    Kent Griswold - October 9, 2013 Reply

    Yes it is a real flame using firewood.

Lisa - October 9, 2013 Reply

Is this a strawbale house?
Care to post more photos??????????


    Kent Griswold - October 9, 2013 Reply

    No this is not straw bale. Go to the link in the first paragraph to see more photos.

Valerie - October 9, 2013 Reply

Wish I could be there. Thoreau is my fav writer and always been an inspiration for me. Great cabin too.

Katie McCaskey - October 10, 2013 Reply

Where is the talk in Lexington being held and what time? Details, please.

    Kent Griswold - October 10, 2013 Reply

    Click on the link to her website the details are there. Here is the direct link to the Lexington talk: http://www.innermosthouse.com/#/you-are-invited/october-20-2013

    Beth - October 11, 2013 Reply

    Katie, I do hope you can join us in Lexington on Sunday, Oct. 20. My email address is at the link Kent gave you, so please contact me if you need further info.

Dean - October 11, 2013 Reply

Hi Kent,

From Diana’s blog, it looks like she and her husband moved out of the house. Did they find or build another tiny house?

    Kent Griswold - October 11, 2013 Reply

    Yes they are now on the east coast but have not built another place yet to my knowledge.

Belinda Moses - October 13, 2013 Reply

Beautiful Home, pretentious people. “everything that’s in this home is because of my husband and everything that’s not is because of me” What??

Anthony Wurthmann - October 20, 2013 Reply

I am working on a trappers cabin w/outhouse….Work starts in the spring.

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