Catskills Tiny House Workshop June 2023

Join Marty the weekend of June 9-10, 2023.

Located in the charming hamlet of Livingston Manor in New York’s beautiful Catskill mountains. Depending on your location, we’re roughly two hours from the city. There are no street lamps on our shale road so bring a headlamp. Guests who don’t wish to sleep in a house are welcome to camp on the grounds. Everyone is free to use the bathrooms, kitchens, and showers.

There’s no need to take off work Friday; the first class is that evening, at 8pm. For reviews of previous workshops, press, and directions click on the link below.

The $495 fee includes accommodations, continental breakfast, sample blueprints, sample written plans, a sample builder’s contract, a sample land rental agreement for a tiny house, and a how-to guide packed with building terms, definitions, and facts.

Attendees will learn literally EVERYTHING they need to know to design, build, and move their own tiny house:

  • Common misconceptions about tiny houses.
  • The obvious nexus, and key differences, between a tiny house and a small city apartment.
  • Why there’s NO need to hire an architect to design your house.
  • How a person with NO drawing skills can create a blueprint a builder can realize.
  • The varying dimensions of movable houses.
  • The utilities that are commonplace in tiny houses.
  • The handful of building terms required to correctly design your house and convey your plans to a builder.
  • The best model trailer for a small house.
  • When to begin looking for a builder, how to identify the right one, how much to pay them, and how the payment plan is structured.
  • Municipality building codes vis-à-vis non-traditional houses.
  • How to find a commercial driver, and the required permits, to lawfully transport a completed house from the building site to its new home.
  • Where to procure homeowner’s insurance for your tiny house.
  • How to locate and rent land where you can park, and live in, your house.
  • How to draw water from a stream or pond once you’re there.

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tiny house workshop

tiny house workshop

tiny house workshop

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