The Back-to-Basics Kozy Kabin Tiny House Plans: Dee Williams’ Home!

Many tiny home designs today are racing to offer bigger homes with more features and gizmos. You can find tiny houses with hot tubs, saunas, and climbing walls these days – practically anything you can also find in a “big house.”

But a lot of folks look to tiny homes for something simpler and more affordable. This week we released our newest set of tiny house plans for do-it-yourself tiny house builders: The Kozy Kabin. It’s better known as Dee Williams’ home of the last 12 years, which was one of the first tiny homes on wheels out there.


The Kozy Kabin is 84 square feet, with a simple kitchen, built-in bench, and a sleeping loft.  Dee’s version doesn’t have running water or a dedicated bathroom space, but she was happy enough there for 12 years. If you, like Dee, want a simple home that’s functional, affordable, and kind, the Kozy Kabin could be for you. And if you want to add in some of the comforts Dee could do without, the Kozy Kabin is a great basic framing plan to work from.

Dee famously built the original Kozy Kabin tiny house for $10,000 in 2004. She was able to build on a budget using tons of salvaged materials and putting in around four (unpaid) hours of time on its construction for three months. To build this house yourself today, budget for a construction cost anywhere between $15,000 and $25,000 depending on material choices.


Dee Williams teaches tiny house workshops twice a year to help DIYtiny house builders work safe and smart, and always encourages others to customize their homes to their own needs and even the dimensions of their own bodies. Dee’s interior layout of a loft, built-in bench, and simple kitchen with a water jug, sink and single burner stove is suggested in the plans. But folks who want to customize the design to add square footage or make other alterations will be pleased to see an option for purchase the SketchUp file for the design as well, which makes customization, dreaming and doodling  easier.

Here’s one of our favorite video tours of Dee’s house:

Visit to learn more about the Kozy Kabin Tiny House and see tons more photos and more video tours of the house!



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