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Andrew Odom Talks Living Tiny for SimplifyMy.Life

Have you ever wondered how Andrew Odom went tiny? Do you wonder how you will? Curious about where to start? Andrew and his wife have found quite a few answers. Sixteen of them actually!

You can watch a blip of Carmen’s interview with Andrew below.

You can now sign up for an online LIVE SUMMIT wherein 16 tiny house and downsizing experts are interviewed by Carmen Shenk, Faith, Art, Tiny Houses for her Simplify My Life online resource.

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We have always tried to represent and expose authentic voices within the modern tiny house movement and all of its arenas. That is why we are excited to be a part of @Carmen Shenk’s new offering Simplify My Life.

Over the course of just three days – the upcoming weekend – this online summit brings together seventeen luminaries from the modern tiny house community. Hearing their stories will help you simplify your life, make room for meaning, and decide if living in a tiny house is right for you.

The messages are many. The message is simple. Join us on October 11 – 13 to hear the voices of those living their biggest dreams in the smallest way!

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Rick - November 5, 2019 Reply

I haven’t wondered anything at all about Andrew Odom since he wrote that hateful, misguided article about how he thinks homeless people using small-living as a leg up in society is poisoning the tiny house movement.

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