2016 Tiny House Plan Bundle Sale

Tiny House Design 4th of July Sale

Happy 4th of July! Tiny Houses and Independence Day go together like a hot dog in a bun (pardon the analogy). To help celebrate We’re running our once a year sales event for just five days.

The sale will end promptly on Saturday, July 9th at 12 Noon Pacific.

Last year we offered the original 12-Pack of Tiny House Plans for one low price – $79. Hundreds of people took advantage of the deal.

This year we have six new designs, so we’re offering the original 12-Pack of designs – for those that missed them last year – and a new 6-Pack of new designs. This way folks who already have the original 12-Pack can grab the newest six plans for one low price too.


  • A Printable PDF copy of the plans,
  • The original SketchUp file, and
  • A materials worksheet.


Our plans come with the original 3D SketchUp files that also include all the 2D measured drawings. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer – like so many of us are – you may want to design your own tiny house. Our plans give you a great base to begin mashing up your own tiny house design using the free 3D drawing software, SketchUp Make.

Our plans show how to build the basic shell of a tiny house and provide some ideas for how it could be finished. Many of the features of these designs are transplantable in our other plans because they are based on the same original drawings. So if you like the dormers of one design and the bay window of another – you can get both plans and mash them up into a new design.

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Tiny House Design Sale

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How much for theses tiny houses

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