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$20 Home Depot Rebate February Discount

$20 Home Depot Rebate February Discount, This is an unusual post for the Tiny House Blog. However, with times being tough and tiny house building season coming up I wanted to share the following offer. Here is how it works.

You will need to sign up with Rebatesme at this LINK. Just signing up gets you $5. Then you will visit the Rebatesme Home Depot store page.


When you are ready to make a purchase for your tiny home then click over to Home Depot from there. When you complete an order of $15 or more at Home Depot, Rebatesme will credit you an additional $15 in cash back. That gives you a total of up to $20. You will also get 1% cashback on everything you purchase except for items you purchase in the Home Category, which will earn 8.1%.

If you go to Home Depot, there are eight subcategories that will earn that 8.1% under the main category of Home Decor, Furniture, & Kitchenware.

If you don’t care about the cashback rate, then you can buy anything $15+, and you’ll earn the bonus. But if you need something like window treatments, small rugs, bedding, small kitchen appliances, and things like that (there are over 600k products that qualify for the 8.1%) you can maximize by shopping in those categories.

If you are in the building phase, you can get the bonus + 1% back on anything purchases you make online through Rebatesme. Lumber, fasteners, insulation, windows, whatever.


But if you are outfitting your tiny home, you can maximize the cashback by shopping specifically in the Home Depot Home categories.

Cost per square foot to build and outfit a tiny home can be much higher than a typical home since it requires so much more detailed thought and planning, so an extra 1% on major materials is nice, but the 8.1% on all the stuff that comes after building can really help.

Important: To make sure that purchases get tracked correctly, you need to do these two things as well:


Clear your shopping cart at Home Depot. If there’s already stuff in there, the sale won’t track to RebatesMe.

  1. Clear your shopping cart at Home Depot. If you already have itemes in there, the sale won’t track to RebatesMe.
  2. Turn off adblocking. Before you start your “shopping trip,” turn off your ad blocker (or allow ads if you’re using Safari). At least on Rebatesme.com and Homedepot.com. Ad blockers keep sales from tracking and make it difficult to properly credit sales.

Building materials are at an all-time high from the supply chain disruption caused by COVID. This can be just one more way to stack some savings when materials are more expensive than we’d like them to be.

I hope this will help you out a little. A few extra steps before purchasing but I think worth it.


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