William’s Floating Teepee

William’s Floating Teepee

Will's Teepee

William Woodbridge is a 21 year old second year university student. He has a unique way of looking at life and how he lives as a student is quite different than the usual.

Williams lives in a teepee and a floating teepee at that. Will says “It’s deliciously hippyish.”

Will's Teepee

Will decided to leave campus life after accidentally setting off a fire alarm and then being fined $350. At first, Will lived in the back of his car, he than decided to build a raft and looked at what options he would have for shelter. He looked at cabin-type tents and finally his uncle suggested a teepee.

Will says he found out that a teepee design and ergonomics allow for it to stay quite warm. With its cone shape it is very stable even when the wind gets quite strong. He says that storms have not been a problems with the teepee.

Will inside of teepee

Unfortunately Will says the ACT Government has been in contact with him and wants him to move along. He may have to move out by the end of this week. Will seems completely calm with this grim fact, but knows he will have to do something soon.

I hope all goes well for William and I appreciate his inspiration for living tiny and self-sufficiently.

Photographs by John Griffiths

Will's storage unit

Will rowing out to teepee

Will's teepee