Workshop in Vermont

Week of February 15.
If interested please contact Peter King at  (802) 933-6103 for Details.

Basic Carpentry Skills
For Absolute Beginners

As a team of 6, we will build a 10’ x 10’ house with a loft, and a 12/12 roof. 90% of the material will be pre-cut, allowing us to build from foundation to roof ridge cap in two 8 hour days! We will use native softwood locally milled.

Peter King in Vermont

Tiny House
Building Workshop

Learn By Doing
Floor Framing
Wall Raising
Door – Window Installation
Exterior Sheathing
Interior Sheetrocking

A Tin Roof Will Top It Off

Become One With
• 4 Foot Level • Framing Square • Speed Square
• 25 Foot Tape • Hammer • Chalk Line
• Utility Knife • Chisel • Cats Paw • Bevel Square

Visit the Vermont Tiny Houses website.
Email: PeterKing (at)

9 Comments Workshop in Vermont

  1. Olivia

    I’d love to attend this workshop, but I need more then a week notice to get up to Vermont. I hope to see more workshops in the future.

    1. Kent

      Sorry, I just learned about it. I know Peter plans on doing more so will try to give more advance notice in the future.

  2. Ryan

    I can’t wait to attend this workshop! My wife, son and I are moving from CA to New Hampshire in late summer and I will be there!

  3. Dan Alberts

    It would be wonderful if plans for these houses get posted on a web site. I do not have a problem donating money via Paypal.
    Just a thought.

    I am jealous for those attending the workshop :)

    Good Luck!


    1. Kent

      It is my understanding that Peter is working on a website. Hopefully, he will make his plans available in the near future.

  4. Rebecca Howarth

    I don’t know what Peter plans on working on during the workshop, so I don’t know if it will be the same as the last one. I think he’s currently looking for a customer to build for. Things are sort of informal at the moment.

  5. Ellen Peterson

    I echo the comment…please Peter I need more than a weeks notice to make arrangements with work to attend. I look forward to being at one of your workshops.

  6. Jolene

    I am very interested in attending one of Peters workshops. I am also very interested in buying one of his 10x10s. Would you have any information on small communities in vt with these tiny houses…????
    have a great day,


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