The Next Little Thing? New York Times

The New York Times has published a great article on the tiny house movement. In it is featured Michael Janzen the creator of the Tiny Free House, also included in the article is Jay Shafer and Greg Johnson on the Tumbleweed west coast border to border tour pictured above on a freeway in Los Angeles. Dee Williams home in Washington is also written about and displayed. View and read “The Next Little Thing?.”

Tumbleweed on the Road

Photo Credits – New York Times

Michael Janzen's Tiny Free House

Michael Janzen's Tiny Free House

Inside Dee Williams Home

Inside Dee Williams Home

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Mr Cheeseburger 9000 - September 11, 2008 Reply

On its face, I support the tiny house movement. At the same time, though, what about the millions of americans who are living in tiny houses not by choice, but because they lack the money, time, or resources that the majority of those in the tiny house movement have.

Daniel - September 11, 2008 Reply

Any time I search for articles or other blogs relating to tiny houses, I end up running into the same info… You always find some great stuff for your blog.

Great to see so much info here… I always come back for more.

Thanks Kent


Kent - September 11, 2008 Reply

Mr Cheeseburger – Enjoyed your response to the article on your blog. I would encourage everyone to go take a look. A whole new angle for sure. Go here:

Dan – Thanks for your kind words and support…


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