Jay’s Fencl in Salt Lake City

Jay’s Fencl in Salt Lake City


I just received my first report of the Coast to Coast tour with Jay from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

The Smith family visited Jay’s open house in Salt Lake City Utah. I am going to enclose their letter as they explain it best.


Hi Kent

We just got back from the fabulous showing at Salt Lake City.

Jay was about 2 hours late since it took longer to travel from Reno to Salt Lake than he anticipated.

The group in anticipation faithfully waited and it was certainly worth it – we enjoyed discussing about small houses and the small house society as we waited. It is the coolest people who appreciate small and simple living.

There were others who took better pictures than I – but I thought I’d at least send some. There was one professional photographer there from Park City – hopefully he will send you some.

Jay is a true gentleman. The tail lights were not working – so we stayed and arranged permission from the police to leave it at the Murray Park – parking lot. They were real good about it. Murray is a town adjacent to Salt Lake City. Jay is spending the night with a family who is graciously offered to host him until tomorrow morning – that will be better for Jay than a hotel that he had planned.

This was an awsome evening – our family loved it – Featured in one of the pictures is our family.

Thanks again Kent for all you do on the Tiny House Blog.

The Smith Family

Remember if you have been to one of Jay’s open houses or are going to one please email pictures, etc to tinyhouseblog(at)gmail.com and replace (at) with @. I want as many reports as possible so we can have a photo journal of the trip. Thank you!

Jay setting up for visitors
Jay setting up for visitors
The Smith Family and Jay
The Smith Family and Jay
Salt Lake City Open House
Salt Lake City Open House

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  1. Because nothing says “Conserve Natural Resources” like pulling a trailer with atrocious wind resistance around the country…

    Way to go!

    What are you getting for fuel mileage, around 3 miles to the gallon?

    • Hi John – I don’t know what type of mpg’s Jay is getting. I know Bill Kastrinos from Tortoise Shell Homes uses a diesel truck and usually gets around 10-12 mpg’s when delivering a tiny home.

      I guess it’s a toss up on “Conserve Natural Resources” to get the word out about tiny homes or keep them in one place and not use the resources. Each person has to make their own decision…Kent

  2. John… dude… you’re missing the point.

    I think Jay’s trip and expenditure of natural resources is well spent considering the number of lives that will be positively inspired when they learn about this very livable tiny house and his simple lifestyle. Not to mention the fact that most people use more energy in a week than Jay uses all year!

    Now the millions of trips Big-Box supply trucks, trains, and ships, make every year… that we should be concerned about… and STOP SHOPPING BIG BOX STORES. Did I shout… oops. 🙂

  3. I concur Michael!

    Hi Kent!
    It’s Lelly. Again. My husband and I are in the first picture. I’m the short girl and my husband is the dude with the bandana.
    anywhoo, it was a great trip and I’ll get my pictures to you this evening (i’m at work right now)…

  4. Hi Lelly – good to hear from you and I look forward to your pictures also. It’s nice to put a face to the people you email…Kent

  5. Hi DJ – Here is the schedule:

    Tue May 26 – Reno, NV 6:00 pm
    Wed May 27 – Salt Lake, UT 6:00 pm
    Thu May 28 – Cheyenne, WY 6:00 pm
    Sat May 30 – Boulder, CO 5:30 pm
    Tue June 2 – Omaha, NE 6:00 pm
    Wed June 3 – Des Moines, IA 12:00 noon
    Wed June 3 – Iowa City, IA 6:00 pm
    Sat June 6 – Chicago, IL 5:30 pm
    Mon June 8 – Indianapolis, IN 6:00 pm
    Tue June 9 – Cinncinati, OH 12:00 noon
    Tue June 9 – Columbus, OH 6:00 pm
    Wed June 10 – Pittsburgh, PA 6:00 pm
    Thu June 11 – Philadelphia, PA 6:00 pm
    Sat June 13 – New York, NY 5:30 pm

    Get the locations at: http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/touring-the-us/coast-to-coast-tour/

  6. We were at the park at 4 walking around and looking. Around 7 we left because my stomach wanted food. My friends and I were so bummed that we missed him by an hour! Good to see that he made it though!

  7. Hi Teri – Sorry you and your friends missed the open house, I don’t think Jay has any way to let people know he is running late. It’s to bad for sure.

    Hi DJ – are you referring to the schedule link above? It works fine on my computer so not sure what is going on. You can also go to the Tumbleweed site and find it there.


  8. Yes, I can’t get the links to the main Tumbleweed or the schedule above to open in any browser. I’ve never seen this in years of surfing the web…. a pop up window tells me it can’t figure out what program to use to open the link.

    Is there anyway you post where in Boulder he will be? I’d sure like to see the Fencl.


    • Hi DJ – Here is the address for Boulder, CO:

      Homewood Suites by Hilton
      4950 Baseline Rd.,
      Boulder, Colorado, 80303

      It say’s at 5:30 P.M. Enjoy!

  9. OMG! I love Jay’s newest house and so many other great concepts as well, but today you just offered me my new home option! Roulottes en bois Tango….the gypsy wagon is over the top and the layout is most perfect….no lofts to climb in and out of in the middle of the night to go pee. everything is in easy reach and yet spacious for its size. I have to say i will be following this one very close and trust to be living n one within the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good work boys!!!!!!!!


    P.S. love tinyhouseblog.com

  10. Hey Bob if you get a Tango please let me know, I would enjoy hearing all about it. Need to work on Jay to come up with a plan with these type of options. Not everyone wants to deal with a loft…Kent

  11. Hello! This is a few years past the point but oh well 😉 I just saw this and am so bummed that I wasn’t looking into this at the time. As of now, I’m still in the saving and planning stages. I think I started in about 2013 and here I am 3 years later just noticing this! If by chance you do see this, do you know if Jay is still doing this?? I would really like to go to one of his workshops. I know there are several with different companies and individuals doing them now. But just curious about Jay. I’m also in SLC so any info would be awesome!
    Thans so much!