Park Model Log Cabin For Sale

by Kent Griswold on June 27th, 2008. 8 Comments
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I found this today while doing some research on park models. I would love to buy this park model cabin myself as it is located just a few miles from where I live. I am unable to, so thought I would share it with everyone. Maybe this is exactly what you are looking for.

Here are a few of the details quoted from the site:

We are selling our Breckenridge Park Model Log Cabin. We originally bought this beautiful cabin to act as our home while we rebuilt our house. Plans changed and now we need to sell it. Cabin is in perfect, unused condition. It would make a wonderful, spacious home in either a park community, on your land, or as a guest house!

Here are the Specs:

  • Breckenridge Copper Lodge 1240 SEDL-T
  • Dimensions are 12′ wide x 40′ long x 14.5′ high
  • Loft space is 25′ long x 50″ high
  • Total approx living space is 780 sq ft. between main floor and loft area.
  • Listed at $52,000

The cabin will have be to towed from our property located in North Healdsburg. In Sonoma County in Northern California.

Sale will be cash only, no owner financing available.

Visit the Park Model Log Cabin For Sale site and get the full details and many more pictures.

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8 Responses to “Park Model Log Cabin For Sale”

  1. There is a place a little farther up the coast (in Fort Bragg) that sells similar homes and the guy that owns it is retiring and liquidating his inventory.

    I used to live up that way and hope to again someday soon and still listen to KOZT online all the time. I heard him running a commercial just last week.

  2. Kent says:

    Thanks Michael for the heads up on that retirement sale. Fort Bragg is a neat area and would be a perfect place to have a small home. Plus it looks like he will give you a great price!


  3. Pat says:

    This would be a great unit to place on and if anyone is looking for a park model it is a good site to bid on a unit. Pat

  4. nancy says:

    Am interested in buying this very model, Breckenridge Park Model log Cabin.
    Can you get in touch with me?

  5. nancy says:

    How much do you want to sell it for?

  6. ENOCH says:

    I am trying to locate a cabin, for a woman, three kids and myself. nothing fancy. nothing modern. Even if I’d have to do some fixing up to it. Maybe a fire place & wood stove. Some are so old they still have shower stalls from what I know. If there is anyway possible to obtain one of these classic beauties and at a minorities price range, email or call 916 236 7836. I am looking to get off the grid for so many reasons but mostly because many can see what’s about to come, but many do not care. Prepare for the lord thy god, he shall arrive soon, this I know all too well.
    Please have a blessed day,

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