How to Convince Your Spouse to Live Tiny

Tammy and Logan in Dee's Tiny House

I have been getting this question a lot lately. How can I convince my spouse/partner/significant other to live tiny?

I have featured several couples who have made this choice and are very happy that they have, but most of us find ourselves in a situation where only one person is totally convinced. So, I have decided to broach the subject with you, my readers, and hope you will join the discussion in the comment section below with your suggestions.

I, personally, still live in a small home, around 1200 sq ft. Our son is in college, but comes home fairly regularly and our daughter’s room has become the guest room/office/workroom.

Our goal is to downsize when the both kids are completely out. However, I don’t see us moving into an extremely tiny house (130 square feet like some couples have). We are getting older and a loft is out of the question and we each need some private space for work or play. I see us eventually in a smaller home of 400 to 700 square feet as our answer.

What is your answer and how will convince your partner to downsize with you?

Tammy and Logan in Dee's Tiny House

Photo Credit Tammy Strobel

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Garth - September 15, 2014 Reply

It’s interesting that it seems that most of the posters above are women, trying to convince the men.

In my case, I’d like to convince my wife, but I’m not sure I ever will. However, one of her objections is that she wants room to have people over, a requirement that could be met with a community of tiny houses where one could skedule to use the club house for an evening for example; and another is having our son and his wife stay overnight and have a room for them (which hasn’t ever happened anyway), a need that could be met more economically by just getting them a hotel room, as someone above suggested. As it is, they’ve been staying at my mother-in-law’s house when they come which is bigger and more empty.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen my wife use more than two burners on the stove at once, so I asked her if she could live with two, and her response was her standard answer, “It would be nice to have…” (more). She’s a teacher, and a pack rat like probably all teachers, but she never accesses her packings. I have even more electronics stuff from working at home for 20+ years, plus unwanted stuff someone keeps giving me that I wish I felt free to give back or get rid of. (Moving to a smaller place would be a good excuse that he would understand.) It would take weeks or months to go through it all and prune heavily, but I would still like to downsize–waaaaaaay down–when our last son gets married and moves out. I want to live in a tiny house and live more simply and own very little. Although I want to save money, that’s not the #1 reason. Our house is 1280 sq. ft., 4-5 times as big as I want. Then there’s the two-car garage full of stuff. A separate shed would be fine for storage.

Theresa - April 29, 2016 Reply

Since my husband graduated, I have started going back to school. The pricing of my school was what really got me thinking about going tiny. My husband had a full-ride so tuition before wasn’t an issue on our minds. I always liked the idea of going tiny, but it seemed incredibly practical once I started looking at tuition costs again. It also would be incredibly convenient because we move so often because of his work. My husband however, refuses to consider the idea. While he still wants the cookie-cutter house. However, that isn’t the main thing that I think is holding him back from considering it. He is six foot four inches tall and is convinced that he would constantly be hitting his head or not have enough room to spread out. Does anyone have any experience with being tall and living tiny? Any special features that you have in your house that would help a tall person live in a small house?

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