Tiny House in a Landscape

Tiny House in a Landscape


This week’s Tiny House in a Landscape is from a link that Margy Lutz from Powell River, BC sent to Lloyd Kahn. Lloyd and another reader Julie Thorne shared the link with me and I thought it was perfect for this feature. I chose the winter shot because it is that time of year and it seemed appropriate. There are construction photos of the cabin at the New Shelter blog http://newshelters.blogspot.com/.

“A series of bluffs up the East Tin Hat Ridge presented better and better views the higher we climbed. This is the last open bluff before Tin Hat summit, a somewhat flat and large, though uneven rock outcropping. We decided to build the cabin here.…Below follows a chronology of the construction of the hut which, complete with upgraded trail, took some 30 days over a period of about three months.”

The photos is titled: The first dusting of snow on Tin Hat Hut at the end of October.

Mike Massulo Photographer


  1. If it were my house, I’d have made the porch on the door side shallower and hung the big porch and loft off the other side of the cabin so that you could see that view from bed, and hang out on that side of the cabin with that view. Because that view is priceless.

    • This is really a super project. Just goes to show what a group of like minded people can accomplish when they set their minds to it. It will be a great place to camp at the end of a hike. hal

  2. Could you please share how you got permits for this?
    As a fellow small home dweller in BC, I”d love to be able to refer to your project.

  3. This is lovely… I looked for a Chronology of the build as you had said there was one but I don’t see it here. I am also interested in how you got this all done… congrats on a really unique place. mar

    • oooops, I found the site with build pics… amazing! With all those guys helping no wonder this came out so incredible! Hope you all have spent time up there since you finished. mar