Tiny House in a Landscape

by Kent Griswold on December 7th, 2013. 9 Comments
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This weeks Tiny House in a Landscape is another Montana Mobile Cabin. Destination to be “Cabin in the Woods.”

cabin in the woods

Here it is ready to load and go down the road. Watch for us next week on the highways and byways of Western Montana.

ready to go

On the road again!

on the road again

Over the river & through the woods…

through the woods

Glad to have this one in the record books. Ole Man Winter tried to keep us down, but we prevailed!

happy cabin

Happy cabin in the woods!

This cabin was ordered as pictured; no kitchen, no bath; it is what we call a dry cabin. The owner is planning on using it as a bunkhouse with a stove & a couple of bunkbeds. We don’t always get the pleasure of seeing the cabin furnished.

cabin interior

cabin interior 2

9 Responses to “Tiny House in a Landscape”

  1. Hamp says:

    That’s my kind of tiny house. Just find a used pot bellied stove or better yet build a Rocket Heater/Stove & your good to go. Very saaaweeet!

  2. Marykay says:

    Love it!! Can’t wait to see it decorated.

  3. Valerie says:

    Lovely little place.

  4. Jack says:

    I’ll take two. thanks, and Happy Hoilays

  5. Erick says:

    What model is that?

  6. Anne says:

    Same as Marykay…

  7. alice h says:

    Interesting construction on this one.

  8. Bob Mena says:

    very nice and looks warm and well built. congrats.

  9. Eldaka says:

    That’s what I call Rustic, love it!

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