Showcase of Homes

Showcase of Homes


There are several really Good Deals going on right now in the tiny house market and several of the sellers recently contacted me telling me of even lower prices. I wanted to make sure that you the Tiny House Blog reader were aware of these prices so I am passing the information on to you.

If one of these homes is the dream tiny house you have been looking for be sure and use the contact information below and get in touch with them.

Also let them know that you heard about their sale on the Tiny House Blog. Happy House Hunting!


Lodge on Wheels Fall 2008 Floor Model

Was $37,900 now 25,900 (new low price)
Contact Lodge-on-Wheels to find out more about this beautiful Lodge-on-Wheels™.


The Bungalow Cottage Show Model ***Sold***
was $37,000 now $30,000 and open to offers.

Contact Todd Miller if you are interested by visiting his site’s contact page here.


Caregiver Cottage
was $21,000 now $17,900

Contact Stephen Marshall at the Little House on the Trailer.


Derek’s Tiny House
was $34,000 now asking $29,500

If you would like to communicate with Derek about buying his home you can email him at


Little House on the Trailer
Original price was $60,000 now $47,000

Contact Stephen Marshall at the Little House on the Trailer.


Jay Shafer’s Fencl
This home is being built for the Coast to Coast tour and is for sale.

Contact Jay at Tumbleweed Tiny House Company for pricing.

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    • I’m working on that… Not for this post as I wanted to help everyone out this time around. Hoping to work in a listing as part of the Tiny House Blog at some future date.

  1. we also need a website that bring land and tiny homes together……

    like for sale land… price, where and know codes would work!
    i would also like to see tiny homes be on a weekly t.v. show on HTV channel!!!

    im looking to buy land for a tiny home in oregon coast or washington coast…… anyone know if codes would allow a tiny house… besides being a guest house i want it to be the main house!