Coastal Cottage in Washington State

Coastal Cottage in Washington State


A quaint 400 square foot studio cottage that packs a big punch. What a joy it has been to have resided in this wonderful cottage the last year and a half. It has all the comforts and conveniences of a large home with the benefit of low cost of living. We had the cottage built especially with the needs of chemically senisitive individuals, thus the materials and finish products are no/low VOC’s. Couple that with excellent outdoor air quality, the wonders of coastal living such as fishing, clamming, boating the canals, lakes and the short walk to the ocean and it feels near to paradise.

This home is in a small community of four cottages and sits comfortably next to a greenbelt. It is
available for sale with an asking price of $109,000. For further information, please contact us by email at:

I believe this is one of the Belmar Cottages which I featured about a year ago.


  1. Looks nice, but I don’t like the sound of “small community of four cottages”… I smell HOA fees/leased land… yuck…

  2. Cost is relative to location. Here in Victoria BC $109K will not even buy a plot of land to build on.

    Jane Patterson

  3. I am fairly sure that this is one of the cottages that were written about maybe a year ago. There are 4 on one larege plot of land to skirt the need for a certain amount of square footage in a unit. They were able to have the small homes if the total square footage met the local minimum on their plot, if I am remembering correctly. It’s not a commune or anything. 🙂

  4. This makes me suddenly feel terribly homesick.

    It reminds me so much of where I grew up here in Australia only the house is just a tiny bit prettier/more appealing the one I was raised in.

    $109K thats a bargain to us. It wouldnt buy land here and I am 3-4 hours from the sea with nothing else in particular to look at. Can just see the paintbrushes and canvases coming out of the closet…. {sigh}

  5. Beautiful cottage, this is the perfect beach house. Grandkids can tent in the yard, with the porch and interior more than enough space for 6 to 8 people for the weekend.

  6. These are four of the cutest cottages in our little beach town. They sit on a lot that has been “condo’d”. It’s a great idea, as it makes the cottages very affordable, and you have more elbow room and privacy than if you shared a wall with your neighbor. These brightly painted cottages make me happy every time I drive past them. The builder who created these cottages, is in the process of building four more tiny cottages in the same community.

  7. I’m a writer and very interested in buying a minimalist home like these cottage. Do any of you know the contact information of the person[s] selling these cottages in Washington?

  8. 109 grand for 400 sq feet? Welcome to the land of the not so free where govt regulations/fees make a 400ft home 109 grand. In Kentucky I can by a 2000sq foot home for 109grand>

  9. tiny homes was the one sourse where people could pay cash for an inexpensive home. This is NOT inexpensive. This takes a way the concept of what this was designed for in the beginning. Big business , wins again.