Unidome Small Shelters

by Kent Griswold on November 14th, 2012. 19 Comments
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Unidome is a modular system inspired by classic architecture and my experience cutting an orange into segments. It was the way the segments joined that brought this idea together. I was inspired by the fact that you can put any covering onto the frames, which are constructed using locally sourced times Ash. I have 2 sizes designed at the moment. The small 3.5 metre with gull wing door and stargazing petg top with petg construction joiners and, like classic boat building, lots of cascamite glue and clamps. It is finished with high tec materials to keep out the elements. The small one takes 15 minutes to make a freestanding tensile structure.

unidome sections

The large dome is 5.5 metres in diameter and 3 times the volume of the smaller one. It takes 45 mins to erect and will easily hold 50 adults for drinks and dancing. It’s intended to be a more sociable and less transportable design. Currently, it is being used by primary schools in UK as outdoor classrooms and also stages as you can remove panels and it is still self supporting.

unidome and founder

Hand made by me and my assistant we will ship to anywhere in the world, but currently sales mainly in UK with prices small ones at £ 2500.00 and the larger at £6000.00.Tthese prices include taxes and delivery in the UK with adjustments for the EU and Worldwide sales.

Not cheap, but unique and all handmade to your requirements. You can have up to 7 doors and cedar shiplapped panels or use them as greenhouses. I am hoping for a return to circular spaces and the evolvement of this product as a lifestyle choice. Visit the Unidome website to learn more.

unidome and kids


bed and unidome

unidome and summer door

19 Responses to “Unidome Small Shelters”

  1. mike says:

    I think we may need to have a funny photo caption contest…

  2. michael says:

    ummmm…. rain?

  3. Bloody hell…2500 pound sterling and still not water tight…I can buy a lot of something else for just under $4000 dollars and ACTUALLY keep the rain out.

  4. alice h says:

    I keep picturing a giant hand smacking down on it, like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. According to their website there are weatherproof strips between the panels so rain isn’t an issue.

  5. CJ says:

    I’m thinking a floor might be a nice addition…

  6. Deek says:

    I actually think these things are pretty incredible….art in combination with shelter- beautiful photos too- and the concept is a pretty fresh and unique take on domes and yurts. I can imagine that these take a pretty massive amount of time to make- the wood bending, clamping/gluing, and the layers of varnish or epoxy that these would need. If I was even able to build something like this, and have the tools needed, I don’t even think I’d find those prices worth my own time/aggravation, so considering that, and while these certainly only would grab a certain clientele, I don’t think the price is that terrible.

    • james says:

      Hi deek just wanted to say thank you for having a practical as well as asthetic grasp of the concept, it is indeed a lot of clamping and the finish of each panel is furniture grade a numbered unit like this should only appreciate in value and I respect your opinion and they are fully waterproo.

      Best James @unidome

  7. Dra says:

    I wouldn’t spend that much money on something like this, however, I could definitely see taking the basic design and turning it into something that’s actually functional. external cover over the joins, replace that fabric with a piece of foam board insulation with tyvek or something similar on the outside and mylar on the inside.

  8. Will says:

    Good basic concept however must be expanded to cover varied weather conditions.

  9. Case says:

    Not a new concept, the sectional dome has been used as a structure since… I myself would rather set-up a canvas wall tent!

  10. justin says:

    be really cool if if it was done on a slightly larger scale out of SIPS. water tight as well though.. very cool idea..

  11. desertwildflowerlv says:

    These are really beautiful – like flowers. Wish I had the lifestyle for it.

  12. Michael says:

    Not very original.

    It reminds me of the Native American TeePee tents, only less wieldy, or harder to pack up and move.

  13. Lovely concept, beautifully executed :)

  14. mjelley says:

    The pictures, the concept, the product – all are beautiful. My first thought was a floor but, to be able to escape, to an “office:, to a studio, to “a room of one’s own? I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I love them.

  15. Fun – and beautiful. Love the colors. My kids would go crazy for on of these!

  16. Shell says:

    Great story and cool idea. : )

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