The Smallest House in Great Britain

The Smallest House in Great Britain

smallest house in britain

by Katie Davies

In Conwy (a small town on the North coast of Wales) there is a building which claims to be the smallest house in Great Britain. It’s known as the Quay House and stands at only 10 feet 2 inches tall with a floor area of only 10 by 6 feet. It has been occupied since the 16th century, but is now only used as a tourist attraction. I include a picture of me outside the house for scale. I am only 5 feet 3 inches tall and had to stoop slightly to enter the door. Amazingly the last resident of the house was a foot taller than me, 6 feet 3 inches, little wonder then that he abandoned it!

There’s more information on the smallest house on the Conwy Castle website Britain.html

Thanks so much for the very entertaining blog, I especially like the ‘Tiny House in a Landscape’ feature, always such beautiful pictures!




  1. It gets thousands of visitors a year paying a fee to peek inside! Seems like any of our ‘tiny houses’ could be used to make money too! 🙂 Just paint it a neat color, lace curtains, make it look old and quaint and voila! You have a money-maker!

    • Thanks, Sandra, for the link to the Google images… I spent HOURS there last night, especially enjoyed seeing this little house in the older images and postcards, over the years. I learned a alot more than just what is here: that it is, with other homes, built up against the castle walls, and, in this case, right up against a huge circular building (the name of these was on the tip of my tongue but I just LOST it, dammit!)… Also, that it overlooks the ‘quay’, or harbor/ocean (very picturesque, AND nice views from the inside too!)… that it can usually be viewed (interior) from the doorway, but some folk were lucky enough to go all the way in (a few steps, lol) and even UPSTAIRS, just about big enough of a ‘room’ to accomodate one single bed! It has only been this bright red the past few years, up until 2009 or so, it was a fairly neutral beige/peach color.
      Really enjoyed this article, and the comments that resulted.. 😉

    • Follow Sandra’s link )above); peruse the images, you’ll find the odd three or four that seem to be all that’s available, most of the inside front room past and present, with two of the upstairs ‘room’ (shows the iron headboard of the single bed, a small stand beside it, various angles between the two I found)… One would THINK the ‘site’ for the place would provide more in-depth pics of the downstairs and upstairs rooms, but maybe they (those in charge of the ‘tourism’ details) want people to VISIT IN PERSON to see that, as there’s really not a lot else this little house has to offer, in the way of being an ‘attraction’, eh? 😉

  2. I just mentioned this to my 96 yr old granny, sitting across from me here. Even before I showed her the photos, she immediately remembered having seen it many, many years ago…
    How cool is that?!

    Actually, her house that she has lived in for 75 years is not much bigger, like most English houses, and today we were looking at a picture of the house she grew up in – two bedrooms upstairs, a kitchen and parlour downstairs, inhabited by a family of 11.