The Lobster Pod

The Lobster Pod

Lobster Pod

The Lobster Pod is a brilliant innovation by Donegal native Patrick McLoone who learned the art of boatmaking and carpentry from his father’s family business in Ardara, Co Donegal.

The Lobster Pod is a unique design that provides spacious, extra living space at a fraction of the cost of conventional building extension.

The Lobster Pod could be used in many different ways.

A home office as it provides all the essentials necessary in order to work in comfort and privacy.

A camping pod with room for a double bed and bunk beds with its sheep wool insulation it will keep you cozy and warm in all weather.

Other suggestions would be a garden shed, extra room, hobby room, or tiny house.

The footprint is 10 x 13 or 130 sq. ft. but has lots of headroom with the high curves of the ceiling it feels quite large.

The Lobster Pod is manufactured in Ireland and the U.K. Visit the Lobster Pod website to learn more


Lobster pod photos


  1. Cute little cabin.

    The wind turbine mounted in the wind shadow of upper roof makes it green window dressing rather than a serious source of power.

    • Perhaps the mast can be raised when needed? Otherwise it sure doesn’t make sense if the curved side faces the prevailing winds, which makes sense for the building. It’s cute but I would need a lot more windows.

      • Saw one of these last week in Donegal where they are made. It has a HUGE porthole window at the far end. We thought it was a demo model and peered in, only see a couple sitting at a table inside the window. Embarrassing…..

    • While you may be correct I suspect that the whole thing is set up for a photo shoot . It’s in a lovely location , the wind turbine is set up so it fits in the picture , it has a nice grill on the deck and the inside is neat as a pin . You do this every time you sell a house to get maximum interest from buyers .” interested in a house on the east coast ? ” 😉

    • The black thing with cuplike scoops on the peak looks like an anemometer, the white fan with a wind vane thing looks like a wind generator. They do mention a wind generator on their site.

  2. I like it..would enjoy some passive solar design incorporated.. dig down 6 feet to 56 degree soil temp and create a passive recirculating air flow for heating and cooling.

  3. I disagree, it is also possible this owner is aware of how strong the wind can blow and has the turbine positioned to take advantage of wind that blows almost constantly. I love the over all design of the dwelling and think the use of a VAWT would be more pleasing to the eye and maybe more efficient. But, seriously, how much energy would something this small need? Notice the little wind manometer IS on the upper most peak, I would say the Turbine is safer down low than on the peak.