Sisters on the Fly

Sisters on the Fly

Reel Suite Sister #684

Howdy ladies! This post is for all those cowgirls, or wanna-be cowgirls out there…and the men who love them.

Sisters on the Fly is a group of nearly 1,000 women from around the U.S. who own and restore vintage camping trailers. They take their colorful homes on wheels on the Cowgirl Caravan to partake in outdoor adventures like fly fishing, horseback riding, rafting, or just eating fried food and watching fireflies.

Reel Suite Sister #684

Button Willow Sister #595
Button Willow (Sister #595)

Each sister is designated by a number and by the name of her trailer. The Sisters also engage in vintage trailer sales, restoration, customization and registry. For a $40 annual fee any woman with a vintage or new trailer can join the cowgirl caravan.

The Sisters were started in 1999 by two real sisters, Becky and Maurrie. They wanted their female friends to experience their love of fly fishing and began to invite and teach other women about the outdoors. Their motto is “WE HAVE MORE FUN THAN ANYONE”.

Miss Rodeo Sister #6
Miss Rodeo (Sister #6)

Each of the Sister’s trailers are about 12 feet to 24 feet in length. The trailer makes vary: Holiday, Shasta, Aljoa, Scotsman, Aloha, Fireball and even an Airstream thrown in for good measure. Each trailer reflects its owner’s personality with its theme and sister number proudly posted on the rear of the trailer. They are decorated inside and out in usually a western kitschy theme. The Sister’s believe after a hard day of driving and having fun it is pure bliss to fall into your own feather bed at the close of the day, and awake to the smell of coffee and bacon right outside your door.

By Christina Nellemann

Rockin' Robin Sister #269
Rockin' Robin (Sister #269)
Norma Faye Sister #250
Norma Faye (Sister #250)
Jadite Jane Sister #71
Jadite Jane (Sister #71)
Puck Sister #847
Puck (Sister #847)

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  1. Dear ladies and unsuspecting female campers:

    Please be aware and realistic of what you read. If your looking for an outdoor adventure, for safety please find a local guide or expert for any outdoor activity. Do not rely on this group.

  2. How rediculus is your comment?
    The women is this group look out for each other and will help newbies and old timers alike. Would be curious if you ever participated in our outings?
    Any negative happenings should be repoted to the founders so it can be addressed and corrected.
    Happy trails to you.