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Sisters on the Fly

Howdy ladies! This post is for all those cowgirls, or wanna-be cowgirls out there…and the men who love them.

Sisters on the Fly is a group of nearly 1,000 women from around the U.S. who own and restore vintage camping trailers. They take their colorful homes on wheels on the Cowgirl Caravan to partake in outdoor adventures like fly fishing, horseback riding, rafting, or just eating fried food and watching fireflies.

Reel Suite Sister #684

Button Willow Sister #595

Button Willow (Sister #595)

Each sister is designated by a number and by the name of her trailer. The Sisters also engage in vintage trailer sales, restoration, customization and registry. For a $40 annual fee any woman with a vintage or new trailer can join the cowgirl caravan.

The Sisters were started in 1999 by two real sisters, Becky and Maurrie. They wanted their female friends to experience their love of fly fishing and began to invite and teach other women about the outdoors. Their motto is “WE HAVE MORE FUN THAN ANYONE”.

Miss Rodeo Sister #6

Miss Rodeo (Sister #6)

Each of the Sister’s trailers are about 12 feet to 24 feet in length. The trailer makes vary: Holiday, Shasta, Aljoa, Scotsman, Aloha, Fireball and even an Airstream thrown in for good measure. Each trailer reflects its owner’s personality with its theme and sister number proudly posted on the rear of the trailer. They are decorated inside and out in usually a western kitschy theme. The Sister’s believe after a hard day of driving and having fun it is pure bliss to fall into your own feather bed at the close of the day, and awake to the smell of coffee and bacon right outside your door.

By Christina Nellemann

Rockin' Robin Sister #269

Rockin' Robin (Sister #269)

Norma Faye Sister #250

Norma Faye (Sister #250)

Jadite Jane Sister #71

Jadite Jane (Sister #71)

Puck Sister #847

Puck (Sister #847)

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Julia Janzen - May 25, 2009 Reply

GREAT article Kent! I am totally going to check these ladies out! I have wanted to do this for so long, and to do it with an group of inspiring women…well that’s just extra icing on an already iced cake! Thanks! 🙂

    Kent Griswold - May 25, 2009 Reply

    Hi Julia – I can’t take the credit for Christina’s writing. She did an excellent job and they sure are inspiring. Hope you guys are having a nice Memorial Day…Kent

    Janetta Du - September 14, 2020 Reply

    Shake the suit out really nicely and hang it up. You can actually go anyplace and save a great deal of money. You and your clothes have to display up in top situation to do the very best you can.

SueLovesCherries - May 25, 2009 Reply

I love these mini trailers! Someday I’d like one in my backyard as the “cottage” in my cottage garden!

Tim R - May 25, 2009 Reply

Now I want to be a cowgirl. 🙂

Mitchie, Sister #344 - May 31, 2009 Reply

We do have lots of fun and love our little trailers.

    Sharon - January 5, 2010 Reply

    Can you send me information about how to contact any Sisters in Ohio.
    I learned of this group in September 09 at the Country Living Magazine Fair. I signed up to receive information but haven’t heard from anyone.
    I am recently widowed and looking for a safe way to travel and have fun.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

      Alice - January 24, 2010 Reply

      Any response yet? Me and my vintage trailer friend want to join, too and we are in Cincinnati.
      What part of Ohio are you in?

        Cat - March 21, 2013 Reply

        Any news of Ohio yet? We need a girl group

    Sylvia Lawing - May 15, 2014 Reply

    I am a freelance writer interested in traveling. How do most of you stay connected to the internet while on the road?

Simple Living News Update: Week of May 25th - June 1, 2009 Reply

[…] Sisters on the Fly […]

Paula - June 26, 2009 Reply

I have a tiny little 9′ Shasta named “Key-Lime Cowgirl” and I do believe ‘I have more fun than anyone!’
Sister #870

Christina Nellemann - June 26, 2009 Reply

How wonderful to get comments from some of the “Sisters”. I would love to run into you all some day with my little yellow teardrop trailer. 🙂

Linda - October 19, 2009 Reply

I enjoyed your article . S.O.T.F.Is a wonderful group and we always have room for one more. Cowgirl spirit rocks! Linda 250

    Linda Williams - January 14, 2011 Reply

    I would love to get into contact with someone in the Dallas or Tyler Tx. area I filled out a membership app. but have not heard anything. Please help, Linda in Lindale Texas

      gnger - February 7, 2013 Reply

      I’m not a member of this group, but love the campers!. I live in Canton and am always interested in meeting people in the area. We own a casita.

Dixie - October 21, 2009 Reply

I just went on my first outing a week ago with a Texas bunch and what a fun time I had. In four weeks time…..I found out about SOTF, wrote an article about them, became a member and bought a trailer, and, I DID HAVE MORE FUN THAN ANYONE !!! Linda, sister 250 above my comment was one of the host for the outing. THANKS LINDA from Dixie, Sister #1246

Dorthy Casten - November 15, 2009 Reply

I would absolutely love to do this but do not know the first thing about refurbishing a trailer…nor how much they cost! We have a 32′ motorhome (’99 Fleetwood model), but I would love one of these small ones and to go with the girls. Anyone know if you have to own a truck to pull one of these? We got rid of our truck not long after we moved from a bumper tailer to the MH.

Christina Nellemann - November 16, 2009 Reply

Dorthy. I’m sure any of the Sisters would be glad to answer your question. I know that a few small SUV’s or crossovers will tow up to 2,000 lbs. A few trailers are about that weight. Look at my post on fiberglass trailers or teardrop trailers. I have a teardrop that weighs about 950 lbs and I tow it with a Kia Sportage.

joy hall - November 20, 2009 Reply

I have an old little 13 foot trailer that has been sitting at my folks place for a lot of years. What you all are doing is interesting, but I dont think I could keep up a trailer. Now the painting would be interesting, I like to paint , I am just not mechanical. I live in San Antonio, Texas

    Jeanie - January 24, 2010 Reply


    Do you have someone that could check out the trailer for you? I live in the SA area and I am quite resourceful. Maybe I could help if you are interested? I just joined SOTF this morning.

      Hossein - August 22, 2010 Reply

      Hi Jeanie ;

      Please share the photos with me .



Paula Hatfield - January 23, 2010 Reply

I just saw a show on TEXAS COUNTRY REPORTER about the SISTERS ON THE FLY. I have always wanted to have a vintage trailer. Are there any for sale?

Maryjo Fox - January 24, 2010 Reply

My neighbor saw the Texas Country Reporter about this group last year and told me about it. I looked at their website and it was so inspiring. I became a widow a couple of years ago, and I wanted to do something with my life. I loved the old trailers, but did not feel I could fix one up, so I looked all over the Internet and fell in love with the R-Pod. I bought one in August and was had it out three times before winter. This group really inspired me to do something besides sit around the house and grow old!



Jeanie - January 24, 2010 Reply

I just joined SOTF this morning. I live just south of San Antonio, Texas. I have been looking for a trailer all day. Also, I would love to hear from some Texas SOTF and can’t wait for an outing. GOD BLESS COWGIRLS!!!!!

    carolyn minshew - February 8, 2010 Reply

    Hi there,
    I have been checking out this group for a couple of years. I ride horses, paint western art and consider myself a road warrior princess. I live in Bandera and will be joining and looking for a trailer myself. Hope to meet you on the trail. Good luck,


    Helen - August 18, 2011 Reply

    Hi Jeanie, I was just looking through the SOTF site and saw your message. I haven’t joined them yet but plan to. In May I bought a 1965 Santa Fe travel trailer, towed it back from Arizona. I’m kinda’ at loose ends now though, because I know nothing about reviving old trailers. Are there other women in the SA area interested in vintage trailers, do you know? I’d like to get with a group of women who have some experience to learn so I can get my trailer on the road. Helen

    Wanda - November 16, 2011 Reply

    Hey… I live in Victoria. We r neighbors! I’m just am joining this morning. I can’t wait.Funny, I been trying to get my parents to get rid of that old trailer in their yard for a couple of yrs… well, I may have a change of heart now. ha ha I have a nice MH, but I would be ashamed to pull up next to those vintage ones! I love em!You let me know if U get to go on a trip, I am trying to figure which one I can go on.I’m a little leary of going that far by myself, u?

      Helen - February 21, 2013 Reply

      Hi Wanda, I’m not sure your response was to me or not but I was wondering if you’ve done anything with your trailer yet? I got sidetracked because my mother was very ill for quite some time but I’d still like to get my trailer fixed up so I can go fishing. Maybe we could get together and muddle through somehow to get both fixed? Helen

Peggy Venable - January 25, 2010 Reply

I saw the Sisters on the Fly on TV and thought it looked like such fun I want to go out and get a trailer and join. You ladies enjoy each other and enjoy life – what a blessing!

Pam, NLR AR - March 1, 2010 Reply

Looking for someone from central AR to re-do trailers together than travel together. Is there a group from AR who travels together? If so, please contact me.

Terria Glasspoole - September 9, 2010 Reply

I was in Red Lodge, Montana at a motorcycle rally. They have such cute little shops there & in one I found “Sisters on the Fly” book. What a treat! Instantly I knew I wanted to belong. I found my trailer in a field, in Sturgis, S.D. at another motorcycle rally. It was 1972 Road Runner $1,000. Hooked it up to my truck & hauled it back to Wyoming. It’s named Coca Cola Cowgirl after a 1970 Mel Tillis song. The red & white stripes & polka dots have brought the entire trailer around.
This weekend I’m sanding the outside & roller painting it. I spent $200 on 3 gallons of paint & primer. Hope it turns out. Can’t wait to find another good deal & tackle it. I’m single, 58, & have no mechanical abilities. I do like to decorate. That’s the nice thing about these old trailers with limited plumbing, anyone can try it.
Sister #1506 Terria the “Coca Cola Cowgirl”

    Helen Fisher - March 17, 2011 Reply

    Hi Terria, just read your message, how lucky you were to find that trailer in a field! I’ve been looking for almost a year now and haven’t found anything reasonably priced or in half-way decent condition. I’m in San Antonio, Texas but I’m looking everywhere. Best to you…….Helen

      Debra L - March 10, 2012 Reply

      I am in the San Antonio area as well and just found out about SOTF through my best friend from junior high and high school. I looked for a trailer for quite awhile in Texas and surrounding states. My friend resides in Idaho and said they are for sale in that area quite frequently, especially early spring. I began looking on the KSL classified adds and found a number of campers for sale but they are sold really quickly and most of the sellers don’t want to wait for a bank transfer, etc., especially if they have a buyer at the door with cash. I ended up making a week long trip to Salt Lake City, watched the adds and began checking out the ones I was interested in. The campers in really good condition are few and far between but can be found, move quickly though. I purchased a 1973 Prowler, towed it back to Texas with the help of my friend and have begun renovating it. After finding some water damage and investigating further I found a small ant farm, wood rot and a dead mouse. Now I am in the process of gutting the interior. Anway, would love to share tips, suggestions and experiences with others. Can’t wait to get her on the road. Deb

Christina Nellemann - September 9, 2010 Reply

Terria. Thank you so much for sharing your story! Good for you and your little trailer.

Vicki Shepherd - January 19, 2011 Reply

wish we had a group here in Northern Indiana, sounds like so much fun!I love the vintage campers and have fixed up quit a few. My last one was coca-cola ,Ever hear of a group up north?

Gail Smith - February 1, 2011 Reply

I live in southern Iowa…wondering if there are any sisters in my area or near? Been folling this group for 2 years Love,Love,Love! I have two autographs of sisters (hi Peggy) the book and an artistic nature ready to burst! My husband and I are not retired YET and would like to join or possibly start something in our neck of the woods! As of now I have 4 vintage campers that I dearly love! Where I live we have two large lakes and many small ones in our surrounding area. Anywhere from 10 minutes to 40 minutes I can pull out my awning and plug in my party lights!

    martha - February 13, 2011 Reply

    I read your comment today after surfing some of the sites of SOTF and watching a repeat of the clip on Texas Country Reporter. I, too, have followed this group for several years, and have wished there was something like it, or some of the sisters, in Iowa, or the midwest. I live in central Iowa, orig. from southern Iowa. If you hear of any group or any sisters, please let me know. I have not joined SOTF but would love to do some of the activities. Thanks and hold onto that artistic nature. Marti

Sherrie - April 19, 2011 Reply

I’m wondering if there is any SOTF groups in the northeast. I’m looking for a trailer now. Can’t wait to decorate it!!! Need a trailer small enough That I can handle by myself. I haven’t been this excited in a long time. Sherrie

Helen Fisher - April 25, 2011 Reply

I’m wondering if any of the Sisters might have an extra trailer they’d like to sell? I’ve been looking for my very first vintage trailer for some time now. I’d love to see pics and information if there are any available. Thank you, Helen

Patty - May 20, 2011 Reply

Sisters- I just saw your story in Oprah magazine. Do you ever travel east?
I bought my 13 ft 1969 Scotty about 11 years ago.
Painted it and have hauled it all over PA.
Come see our sights!

Patty - May 24, 2011 Reply

I am interested in joining a “Sisters” Chapter too. I’m from Pennsylvania. Maybe we could start one!

    Katy - September 18, 2016 Reply

    Hi Patty
    I was just going thru the comments left on Sisters ws and saw your name and that you’re from Pa. I just ordered a tear drop camper yesterday and now I’m having second that’s about it . Please drop me a note if you have time and let me know what your experience with Sisters has been like. I would like to join a Pa. Group if it exists or like you stated—we could start one.
    Hope to hear from you soon I live in the Hershey area.
    Happy Trails

Terria Glasspoole - July 25, 2011 Reply

Just looked again at this web site. I am Sister #1506 & joined Sept 2010. We now have over 2010 Sisters. After the book,”Sisters on the Fly” was published membership soared. The cost is $60 a year to belong. Once you’re a member you have access to info about the Sisters in your area or all over the US. Then you can plan to attend “meetups” in your area or travel across the country. Their motto is “We have more fun than anyone”. Quit following them & become part of them!!! Sisters often have trailers for sale or are looking for a trailer. They share that info when they find one. You don’t need a trailer to belong. Some Sisters have 6 or more trailers.
I have knocked on over 80 doors looking for my next trailer. Can’t wait to find her!!!

susii mc coy - August 13, 2011 Reply

how do I get in touch with this group of women, can you get me the info, thanking you in advance
susii mc coy in corona california

Project Planning for 2012 « Cowiche Camp - August 18, 2011 Reply

[…] via Diane on […]

Elizabeth - October 11, 2011 Reply

I was wondering where I could order your most recent cookbook. I am looking for one as a Christmas present.
Thank you.

Jenee Capponi - October 28, 2011 Reply

Hello, I have just purchased a 1957 Aljo trailer with a girlfriend in Oklahoma and will be restoring it this winter. I live in Ohio and am trying to find a group of sisters on the fly in Ohio to travel with this summer. Our plans are to split them time in Oklahoma and Ohio. Can you help? We will be joining SOTF very soon-just trying to learn how this all workks

Thanks Jenee from Canton Ohio

    LJ MEYER - October 27, 2016 Reply


Lesley - December 3, 2011 Reply

Any thing in Australia. Big contingent, I believe, of women living on the road. Would be nice if they had a social voice, instead of being a statistic.

garry - January 22, 2012 Reply

i have three vintage campers 1955vakhashunette 14′ 1965 metzendorf 13′ just bought a 1960 lincoln 12′ today ive been restoring them’but i have one problem im a guy i cant join but i would love to help some women get theres ready for next years fun im in buffalo ny

Carole - February 18, 2012 Reply

I am looking for a small vintage camper in excellent condition that i can tow behind my Jeep. How do you find out who has one for sale Maybe there is sister out there who wants to sell. I left my email address and look forward to a reply.
Happy Trails ladies!

    Carol Sherwood - May 31, 2013 Reply

    Carole–did you ever find a small camper? If not, I’ve got a great one for sale.

Terria Glasspoole - February 22, 2012 Reply

You girls really need to join “Sisters on the Fly”. Pay $60 a year & you have access to so much info. Order the book if you want more info. Once you are a member you can find every Sister in your state, what your area is planning for get togethers, get on the chat line & those Sisters talk about trailers they see on Craigs list or different places, the Sister site has trailers for sale, they also warn you about scams (like never send $$ for a picture of a trailer you see)
they even tell you what towns the scam people are in. Some Sisters have the time & money to travel across the US for get togethers, others maybe go to the lunches & meetups close to their home. Some stay in cabins, tents, or motels because they don’t have a trailer. This group of women are all about enjoying life & laughter. It’s a time when we don’t worry about someone else or their needs. Women power is very rewarding. Hauling your trailer down the road, finding the perfect item at the 400 mile garage sales, catching a trout, cooking a wonderful meal over a campfire, or dressing funky for a glass of wine & dinner. All of this is done with plenty of laughter. You can view the pictures of many of these get togethers & I always wish I could have been there too. I belong to the Rocky Mt Sisters & they are doing something 12 months of the year.
I knocked on over 80 doors to find my 2nd trailer. One of the doors I knocked on called me 3 months after I had been at their home. He had just lost his job & said I could buy the trailer. It was a 1966 Shasta that I got for $500 & a 12 pack of beer. Life is good for those that wait!!!

Sharon Pearson - March 17, 2012 Reply

Your “Women on the Fly” members have visited Wickenburg AZ a couple times with their artistic tiny trailers. I am now a widow who just purchased a NEW red and white “TAB” tear drop trailer built by Little Guy that I can pull with my Honda Odyssey. The trailer is not vintage but I would like to travel with other women. Am I eligible to do so? I’ll be going from here to near Williams Lake BC Canada this summer and can drive anywhere in the States too. I have visited most of the foreign countries in which I’m interested and now it is time to “see the USA”.

REVISED - March 19, 2012 Reply

I have two beautiful on the inside ready to be made yours on the outside SHASTA TRAILERS. Please check out my blog to see pictures and msg me for more!

Lewis McCrary - March 22, 2012 Reply

Have 61 Shasta 10′ trailer with wings. All original except air conditioner added. We kept it under a covered car port..bought it up in Kentucky a few years ago. Has not been painted or dolled up yet. We only took a few trips to vintage ralleys in it..My lovely wife passed away couple of years ago…Have not had the heart to sell it. am ready now do so. Oh yes..has an Elvis license tag on the back..not a real tag. Live in Sweetwater TN..thought would pass it on to a lady who would also apreciate it instead of a local hunter. If anyone is intrested my Email is…cell 423 836-3200 Location Sweetwater Tennessee. Also has original ice box…thank you

Sharlene Lane - July 18, 2012 Reply

Hey, Girls! My RV repairman showed me your website thinking I might be interested in joining your club. I live in Green Cove Springs, FL (south of Jax/Orange Park) in the northeast Florida area. I have a ’66 Shasta compact of which I’m trying to decide which of my sketches to paint on her. I do historical textile demonstrations for Fl State Parks & reenactment events apx 9 months out of the year. So my Shasta & Trooper sees quite a bit of NE and Central FL Sept thru Dec & Mid-Jan thru Apr. My guests always ask for “The Shasta Suite” when visiting. Please contact me with more info re “Sisters On The Fly”

Lynda Kellogg - August 20, 2012 Reply

I would love information on this group of gals. I live in Temecula and interested in joining.

    Christina Nellemann - August 21, 2012 Reply

    Hello Lynda. Contact Jayne Kennedy, Sister # 203 in Southern California at jayneframe at You can learn more about the Sisters at

Karen Polansky - August 21, 2012 Reply

I was widowed last year. I camp by myself every chance I get. I even drove to the Yukon and Alaska in July. It’s nice just to get out into the fresh air, but it would be even nicer to share this with other women. I live in Toronto Ontario. Is there a group in the north east that I can join?

    Christina Nellemann - August 21, 2012 Reply

    Hello Karen. It looks like Janine Pettit, Sister # 563 will be the closest to you. You can contact her at neene43 (at)

Rachel Moss - September 2, 2012 Reply

I have a 1961 camper for sale. It is still very usable and we even used it this very weekend! Please email me and I will be glad to send some pictures. We live outside of Abilene Texas.

    Suzanne Davis - October 30, 2012 Reply

    Hi Rachel! I just saw your 09/02/12 post on the Tinyhouse blog about your 1961 camper. Do you still have it for sale? I live near Sweetwater, TX, and I’d like to look at it, it it is still available. Thanks!

Christa Hoffman - September 24, 2012 Reply

We just recently purchased a 1970 18′ Holiday Rambler.

Sharlene Lane - October 9, 2012 Reply

Update to July 19, 2012. Lil ’66 Shasta was crushed by a fallen tree during hurricane Debby. Happily I found a 1968 Shasta compact to replace her. “Back on the roads again”, ladies. Anyone in my area of NE Florida? – Shar

Mary - December 3, 2012 Reply

Wow, this thread has been going on more than three years! Well, here goes, in case someone else stumbles in here from a search page…

I didn’t catch on until recently, but when I did, I got my driveway clear to park a vintage trailer. After the work (had to recycle a motor home) comes the luck and I have just in the last month found the two rigs I wanted and bought them both. One is a 1973 18′ Aristocrat for a guest house/camper ($1000) and the other is a 10′ Eagle Custom Coach (unknown age) just for me ($245–yes that’s right, you can still get a good deal). Both off CL and both in my state. Hope I can gallop fast enough to catch up with some of you Sisters that have posted here in the past! Woo-who! Cowgirl Spirit!

Janice - March 21, 2013 Reply

Christina, just saw this! I’ve been wanting to rehab our little trailer.

athena - March 29, 2013 Reply

Anyone know where to find a group who are always on the road because that is where they live?
I want to follow Esther Hicks seminars this summer for awhile and stay on the road for at least 3 months while it is TO HOT in Phoenix. And visit other places in California, Oregon, etc.

Suzette - April 6, 2013 Reply

I own a 1964 Eriba Puk by VW.
I live in Seattle WA.
I would love to get out and go fly fishing.

Betty Price - April 10, 2013 Reply

Have a 66 Shasta compac and love it
Haven’t started traveling w/group yet. But hope to soon.

Carol Sherwood - May 31, 2013 Reply

I have an adorable vintage TeePee camper for sale. I’ve custom designed the interior in a shabby chic look and it’s adorable. If anyone would like pics, I’d be glad to send. It’s road ready and DEFINITELY gets the lookers. Leave a message here and I’ll respond to it. Thanks!

    la rams jersey 2018 - December 31, 2018 Reply

    So it was a little bit awkward and a bit uncomfortable.

ms White - June 21, 2013 Reply

Dear ladies and unsuspecting female campers:

Please be aware and realistic of what you read. If your looking for an outdoor adventure, for safety please find a local guide or expert for any outdoor activity. Do not rely on this group.

    Buddhistgirl - July 12, 2014 Reply

    Seriously???that made me laugh, then it made me sad for you!

    Sally - February 22, 2017 Reply

    This is a reputable group. It has been around for over a decade and is a very safe and reliable group of people. Join through their website. This is my second year as a member. It’s a very fun and easy going bunch of people.

Diane Stevens - April 17, 2015 Reply

How rediculus is your comment?
The women is this group look out for each other and will help newbies and old timers alike. Would be curious if you ever participated in our outings?
Any negative happenings should be repoted to the founders so it can be addressed and corrected.
Happy trails to you.

Paula - May 16, 2018 Reply

Sounds wonderful,
to me.
Hope I can get a little
Trailer and join you

Debbie - August 25, 2018 Reply

Greetings from Canada – wondering if there are any groups in BC. I am just outside of Vancouver. Many thanks.

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