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  1. Bob Pritts

    I just found an 8 x 30 deckover trailer rated 12k for under $5000 new. Questions: 1. is the 12k strong enough to build a wee-little house? (2) Is under $5000 new direct from the factory sound about right. I am wanting to stretch the free solor haouse plans I found on here and stretech them just a bit to fit the 30 foot trailer. I have a builder friend that is going to make the plan revisions for me. Building my wee little house on the trailer is not my main concern, but rather learning how to correctly attach the house to the trailer is my delima…..anyone have the answer to that one? Any and all help comes back at you with ernest thanks!


  2. Edward Thompson

    Montgomery Ward used to sell these and I think Sears did to. But that was way back in 1962-6. They were actually affordable units. Most were electric, thou some were Propane I think.


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