Portable Tankless Water Heater

Portable Tankless Water Heater

Ecotemp L5 Water Heater

Rosemary from Content In A Cottage alerted me to this neat portable tankless water heater.

This water heater does not require an expensive hookup, but rather is portable and comes with a shower head attached and ready to use. The Ecotemp L5 just requires you to have a spigot or a garden hose to connect to and than attaches to a standard portable propane tank using the included connector. You can than anchor it using a nail or hook inside or outside and have an instant hot shower.

Ecotemp L5 Water Heater

Tom Sackett has a nice story on how he and his wife use this portable tankless water heater in their remote cabin. You can read Tom’s story at the Cooltools blog.

I really like the design and portability of this unit. My only concern is that it is set up as shower. You will need to come up with some other connector if you want to use it to wash dishes in your sink or for other chores.  This cool little tankless water heater is available at Amazon for $120 (price may vary over time) and you can visit the Eccotemp site to get more information.

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  1. The design is minimal-naif but the concept will be a good solution for all peoples need a different house solar water heater.

  2. This is a great solution. I would just remove the shower wand, and then plumb it in-line with a cold water line for whole tiny use.

  3. We are using this for our second summer. It is made for a pressurized water system which we don’t have. We have an old submersible pump in a barrel of rain next to a bathtub. We turn on the EcoTemp and then the pump and get wonderful hot showers. It took some experimenting with the dials and a call to Ecotemp to make it work with the pump because it is designed to turn off the heater if pressure is insufficient. I don’t know the output of the pump. It was given to us well used, but would probably be about $150 new.

  4. The price is now up to $134.46 on Amazon. (That’s today’s price, but it’s not uncommon for their prices to go up and down from day-to-day.)

  5. I have an Bosch tankless. Bosch bought out AquaStar (French) and made it work. The original AquaStar all I did was repair it to take a shower.