Climate Rite Air Conditioner

Climate Rite Air Conditioner


I covered the Climate Rite air conditioner about a year ago and Todd Arend recently sent me information about a new model coming out July 22 that is better geared for small small home. Here are the details.

CR-7000 model is brand new to the market starting July 22.

The unit is completely re-engineered. This next generation is much improved (construction of unit, wiring, optimized sensor and thermostat, etc). This unit was developed for bigger spaces than the CR-2500, which is ideal for dog houses, small trailers, etc.

The CR-7000 model suits tiny houses, sheds, man caves, etc. due to its btu power (7000/7500 btu) vs. the CR-2500 being 1800/2500.

The Ideal space footprint for the unit is 350-1,200 cu feet Power consumption averages .5kW/hr for CR-7000.

This item may sell out fast as it was featured on Good Morning America June 20, 2011. The Tiny House Blog purchasers can get a 10% discount by using the Coupon Code “Tiny10 and the CR-7000 is the recommended unit.

Learn more at the Climate Rite website.

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  1. I dunno 350-1200 cubic feet? Even the 100 square foot tumbleweed homes would be on the high side of these units! I guess a small trailer would be good, but you would really have to be on the tiny side of tiny houses to be in the central range where it wouldn’t be working too too hard!

  2. Why would anyone buy a $579 7500 BTU A/C unit like this when you can get an 8000 BTU window unit for $299 or a portable unit at 10000 BTU for $299? (prices from What is the advantage to the Climate Rite?

  3. This type of small unit would be great for SCA folks and the like who have living waggons (vardo’s). Temperature control inside a vardo is a challenge especially at Faires.

  4. That unit is way over priced. I bought a Kenmore yesterday 15,100 BTU for $399 on sale for $349.. Thier unit is a rip off..

  5. The unit is not overpriced. They are charging you more because the unit is more energy efficient.

    I just wonder how many solar panels are able
    to power this unit.

  6. I purchased one of these units apx. 2 yrs. ago .the unit did cool the dog house ok . it is very simple unit that does not cost much to make. some one is making a lot of $ selling these .my problem is repairs , my first unit had a problem with the electric control system ,I had to ship to unit to cal. for repairs , they returned a complete new unit .It has cooling ok, how the heat is not working( problem with the electric control system.)
    I can not locate good phone numbers or parts.?
    If I want to purchase a new unit , they make it very easy , but problems, now thats a diff. story
    This unit is not energy efficient , this is coming from some one that has owned and tryed to use one for 2 years in the real world.