Ajustable Modular Stairs

Ajustable Modular Stairs


Alice discovered these neat stairs that are great for small tight spaces. Called the Mini Plus, the structure is completely modular, this allows easy assembly of the components and makes it easy to adjust for the steepness of the climb. For added rigidity some special lateral supports attach it to the wall.

Made of solid European beech wood with a thickness of 1.5 inches with beveled round edges. It is both attractive and very stable. Steel tubing makes the railing sturdy and it is accented with solid beech wood. A very attractive solution for a small space. No price was listed and more research should be done if you consider using these. Here is the Stairs by Design website. Thanks Alice for sharing this great find with us.


  1. There are several similar options at http://www.arkestairs.com/ also – they are good for lofts and attics but only the 5′ spirals meet US universal building code requirements (based on my research). Which is a shame, because there are some models that are less extreme that seem quite practical but which can’t be used in a small two-floor home.

  2. I think at this price, we could all come up with something as good on our own.

    Thank you for showing interest in our products. To give an accurate price quote to you for the Mini Plus, we really need to know your floor to floor height. Saying that however, just to give you an idea, the basic kit (11 Steps, 12 Risers) costs $2,058.75.

  3. I think these stairs are very clever, and paricularly well suited for tiny houses on wheels where legalities might not be so strict, and for we older people who may be daunted by ladders.

  4. This company also has great attic retractable ladders, perfect for access to a tiny house loft. They don’t take up floor area when not in use.

  5. Very neat stairs. There is an even simpler solution for stairs in a tight place. They are called lapyre stairs. They are easy to build work wonderfully. I’m sure they will appear on Google.



    • That would depend upon the size of the area serviced by the staircase. To avoid that issue we have called loft areas storage and do not refer to it as a sleeping loft