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ZipKit Homes, a division of Timberhawk Homes, is located in Mt.Pleasant, Utah and features several prefab plans including two that could be perfect, streamlined and efficient tiny homes built with sustainable materials and in a controlled environment. The company focuses on smaller, efficiently designed homes over big homes with extra space that rarely gets used.


Two of their smallest homes are the Skyline which is 400 square feet and the sleek M.1 which is 384 square feet. Each of the homes contains spray foam insulation, a ductless mini-slit heating and cooling system, a tankless, on-demand water heater, LED lighting, wiring for solar power, and 100 percent Energy Star Appliances. Options and various colors can be chosen for cabinets, flooring, countertops and metal roofing.




These prefab homes are built as modules in a controlled factory and are shipped 95 percent completed to the building site where they can be installed. This method generates about 80 percent less waste than standard site built homes. Final cost and payment terms are based on the type of home and options, but ZipKit Homes does offer financing. They can ship anywhere within the U.S., but it is most financial practical to ship within 1,000 miles of the factory in Utah.



Photos by ZipKit Homes

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

Tiny House in a Landscape

The attached picture is of the little ‘rancher’s cabin’ that is on our 20 acres in Argyle Canyon here in Utah.

Argyle is at about 8,700 feet in elevation, and is covered in quakes and pines. It’s beautiful.

As near as we figure it’s close to 100 years old and was used by the ranchers in the area that were herding cattle and sheep.

Up the hill from there sits our other ‘Tiny House’ which is an A-Frame cabin built in the early eighties. It’s about 600 square feet and is one of my favorite places in the world.

We use the rancher cabin for storage and the kids like to play house in it when they’re staying at the cabin. –Eric Butterfield

rancher's cabin

868 Ogden Utah

The following is not a tiny house, but it is creative use of a small space so I thought I would let Stew share it with you.

By Stew MacInnes

I thought that your readers might like to see the photos of a cool little project that we just completed. This is a little 780sq ft building in downtown Ogden Utah. The property is located in a rather run down part of town, which the city is really trying to improve. The area has all the trappings associated with urban blight, rampant drug use, gangs, crime…you name it, it has it! In fact, when a family member and I purchased the property, the front window had six bullet holes, the planter had hypodermic needles in the bed, the front door had been kicked in and the furnace was destroyed after vandals went in and ripped out the copper coils. – Interesting side bar, I still had to fight the city council on numerous fronts regarding my plans to renovate the property, much like most tiny home owners find when dealing with city hall!

868 building completed

I purchased the property with the intent of using it as my office, which I did for most of this past summer. Then when Maximus Extreme Living Solutions started to take off, I decided to sell the building since I had moved my office into our production warehouse.

The property once housed a small chiropractic office; the good Doc practiced there up and into his 80’s. After the project was just about complete, the former owner’s daughter and son-in-law stopped by and asked if they could come in and view the renovation. They were very complimentary and said that their dad would have loved what we had done to the place!

I would like to give credit to the commercial contractor that I hired on this project, his name is Mike Smith of Stature construction and he was fantastic to work with. I also used a gentleman by the name of Mic Allen to do the custom steel work that you see on the front of the building (I designed images that were consistent with Ogden’s past and used a 1930’s font for the street address of 868, that you see on the fascia of the building). Lastly, I’d like to credit my business partner on this project, my mom Sue, she is great to work with!

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Salt Lake City Small House

I am Jeff White the director of the Sarah House Utah project. We are a small non profit community based organization. Our goal with the Sarah House project is to provide fast, green minded, safe, affordable homes for the underserved using salvaged material and volunteer labor.

We are also providing online instruction and showing people how to build inexpensive homes using salvaged material for themselves. Our small house is 640 square feet and is currently being constructed in a residential neighborhood in Salt Lake City which was a lesson in dealing with permitting and zoning, etc. I have enclosed a few photographs. You can see more on our facebook page Sarah House Utah or pose a question as many others have on our page.

rendering of completed house

Rendering of Completed House

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Tiny House in a Landscape

John D. Woods sent me this weeks Tiny House in a Landscape photograph.

John says, “I saw this little settler’s cabin on our Labor Day weekend trip to the Grand Tetons. It is located on Utah Hwy 16, just south of Randolph, Utah.”

Thanks John for taking the picture and for keeping your eyes open for this special feature.

settler's cabin