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Train Cars, Rafting and Ziplines in Caboose Village

There is something about the caboose and historic train cars that sparks both nostalgia and wonder with people who love tiny houses (and trains.) So having several of them in one location, a location full of natural beauty, is a dream come true. Caboose Village is a resort located near the Big Rock Candy Mountain Resort in central Utah. Currently the resort has seven remodeled train cars available for overnight stays.

Caboose Village Resort is located in central Utah.

Each of the cabooses and train cars have been fully refurbished to look brand new and they all have comfortable interiors that feature queen beds, bathrooms, living spaces and kitchenettes. The cars are named after famous railroad lines or locations. You will recognize the Reading, California Zephyr Passenger Car, and the Union Pacific. Other names include the Cotton Belt, Rio Grande, Red Box Car and Caboose #10. Each car also has a deck that looks out over the river and mountains.

Each train car and caboose is available for overnight stays.

Each of the cars have their own name and distinct interior.

Staying in a train car or caboose is not the only thing to do in this area. The resort is in close proximity to several whitewater rafting locations on the Sevier River. There are also ATV trails, a ropes course and zip lines, and even a Bear Grylls Survival Academy.

Caboose Village is close to outdoor sports such as ziplining and whitewater rafting.

Photos by Caboose Village

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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Jhay - August 29, 2018 Reply

Wow this is a very good village, I’m a sporty guy this is perfect for me, please feature more of this, great post thanks.

    Pharmacycenter - August 30, 2018 Reply

    These train cars have been beautifully refurbished and turned into incredibly appealing lodging units, and definitely the most unique in the area. They offer accommodations for 2 up to 10 people in each train car, and all provide air conditioning, bathrooms, flat screen TVs, coffee pots, and microwaves. The California Zephyr is a true showpiece, with sleeping for up to 10 people and a full kitchen.

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