Hummingbird Tiny Spaces

by Will Yount

That moment of enlightenment. You know, that moment when you realized that these tiny house things were pretty darn cool. Personally, I think it goes way back to the days of tree houses and forts. For the most part I think it has become a new way of thinking for many people; a conscious movement towards living a more environmentally friendly life and being more economically responsible. Possibly many are just looking to be far less financially burdened. Is the The American dream changing? Though its far from just an American thing. Maybe we’re just catching on…

Hummingbird Tiny Space

I’m a former home builder, have been in construction of some sort for most of my adult life and if you count those tree houses and forts much longer. In the back of my mind I have always loved what I’ll call small cabins, cottages, etc. After waiting out the present economical crash of 2007-08ish I finally decided to do what I loved, build small cabins, or as they are better known now “tiny houses.” So many of these tiny houses I see on sites such as here on tiny house blog just blow me away. Incredible creations of art and expression. If you built it yourself you would have a sense of great pride and accomplishment.

music studio

Sometimes it’s like people’s inner “Picasso with a hammer” has come unleashed, awesomeness at its finest. I chose to build for those that don’t have the skills or time to do it themselves. I have tried to reach a balance between designs I feel are interesting, well thought out, reproducible and equally adapted to a studio in backyard suburbia or cabin on the river. Just enough options between paint, siding and flooring, etc to give each owner a feeling of uniqueness. The construction has to be above average, but still affordable. I also decided to limit the offerings to only a handful of models. I call this one “MoonShadow,” it is 12 ft x16 ft with a 5 ft x 16 ft covered front deck. Fully insulated and wired with installed drywall and bamboo floors. The exterior is painted hardi-plank siding. It is being used as a music studio and appears to be well loved.

I hope you like them. Email me at Will @ Hummingbird Tiny


hummingbird porch

Living Large in Small Houses

Guest Post by Deb Durham

Deb Durham, here. I am a 6 foot tall woman. Ironically, I have always been attracted to small spaces. And I drive a 2 seater roadster.

Since I left home, I have never lived in more than 1,350 square feet. Blame it on the half dozen ubiquitous 2–story and split-level suburban tract homes I lived in growing up around the country. Ever since I was a small child (well, I was never really a small child) my escape was the Swiss Family Robinson style tree houses I built or the family linen closet hide-away I turned into the perfect little nest.

Certainly, years of living in Manhattan apartments demanded I meet the challenges of small spaces. But I liked the coziness of them. To the shock of friends, I once entertained 80+ guests in the 350 square feet of my New York City abode.

So what is it about a smaller home that is so appealing? They typically have more charm and soul than McMansions. They are about human scale vs. trophy housing. Besides the emotional appeal, you can allocate more budget in finer materials, unique accessories. Practically speaking, there’s less to maintain. And how does one live large in a small house? Here are some tips taken from my 900 square foot cottage a/k/a The Topanga Tree House:

1.	Expand your inside-outside living by choosing colors that blend with nature’s surroundings


1. Expand your inside-outside living by choosing colors that blend with nature’s surroundings To blend with the rustic feel of the environment, I used stained pine boards for the walls and painted the house exterior and well as interior trim a soothing green. Lines blur between indoor living and outdoor space. Antique beveled glass French doors form walls of windows softened by sheer linen drapes not shown (IKEA). Imagine waking up to this every day! Continue reading