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Tiny House As Transitional Living

I got married in February of 2009. I was 31 years old and had already lived what seemed like a lifetime. I had gone to and graduated from an undergrad program, a masters program, and even started in on PhD hours. I had started a career. I had had major medical surgery. I had traveled […]

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The Cicela Family Story

Frank and Elea

by Collin Vickers Frank Cicela, father and aspiring entrepreneur, has moved with his family from a $200,000 house in the suburbs to a $20,000 tiny home in rural Missouri so that he can start a revolution! Did you know that it only took 66 years for us to progress from the first flight at Kitty […]

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Tiny House Blog Settling In

Twin Bridges Cabin

I’m happy to say that the Tiny House Blog transition to the new host has gone fairly smoothly. There are a few posts that I am still trying to get the comments over from the old system and hopefully I will succeed with that today. I’ve also discovered a few missing photos so hope to […]

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