The Cicela Family Story

Frank and Elea

by Collin Vickers

Frank Cicela, father and aspiring entrepreneur, has moved with his family from a $200,000 house in the suburbs to a $20,000 tiny home in rural Missouri so that he can start a revolution!

Did you know that it only took 66 years for us to progress from the first flight at Kitty Hawk to landing on the moon, and that the entirety of the Wright Flyer’s first airborne journey could have fit inside the external fuel tank of the space shuttle? What a testament to our creative power! Continue reading

Tiny House Blog Settling In

I’m happy to say that the Tiny House Blog transition to the new host has gone fairly smoothly. There are a few posts that I am still trying to get the comments over from the old system and hopefully I will succeed with that today. I’ve also discovered a few missing photos so hope to get that all cleaned up to. If you see anything amiss please contact me and let me know. Thanks for your patience and I hope to get back up with regular posts starting this weekend.

Thank you Montana Mobile Cabins for your photography that to me just seemed to fit the occasion. Please check out their website here.

Photo Credit Montana Mobile Cabins

Twin Bridges Cabin

Tiny House Blog in Transition

I just wanted to let everyone know that the Tiny House Blog is in transition this week. I am in the process of changing web hosts and it is a big job moving over five years of blog posts and comments to a new home.

It may be a little quieter here for a couple days and you may see some down time. Please be patient and things should be back to normal shortly. -Kent Griswold

Photo Credit Montana Mobile Cabins

in transition Montana Mobile Cabins