by Steven Harrell

There are a few questions that seems to surface over and over again for folks new to tiny house living or those about to take the leap. The most common seems to be “where do I put my tiny house?” Great question.

A few years ago I took at stab at creating a platform similar to The Tiny House Listings site where people who are looking for tiny house parking could place a wanted ad and folks who have parking available could place theirs as well. Unfortunately I kind of let the system sit there without developing it further or promoting it properly so more people could use and benefit from it.

Now, several years later, I’ve taken a stab at creating a new version 2.0 platform that I consider to be more robust and this time (scout’s honor) I will doing my best to make sure more folks know about it. Thanks to Kent for allowing me to share this announcement so you all will know about it. He’s been kind enough to share so many announcements from so many folks in the past, thank you Kent!

A website like this really begins to be useful when a good amount of people actively participate in it by posting to the site. The whole idea is to bring folks needing parking and folks who have parking together. It’s a win, win, find a parking spot or find a parking tenant.

Shalise’s backyard tiny house parking spot just outside of downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania currently available for $200/month.

On Tiny House Parking you can post one of four types of listings. Here’s a quick breakdown of each.

Parking Wanted For Rent: If you own a tiny house or are planning to build one and need a place to do so, this is the posting type for you. You can specify your budget in the description. I’ve seen many times where folks are willing to do full or partial work in exchange for lowering or eliminating their parking rent. An example of this would be if a farm has an open spot and could use an extra hand. Another example is an elderly person who has space to park a tiny house and could use someone to run errands, pickup groceries, etc. Again, a win win.

Ashley’s tiny house needs a place to call home near Windsor, Vermont.

Parking Wanted For Sale: Planning to put down some roots, grow a garden and call a place your own? Or plan to build a tiny house on a foundation? This posting type is most suitable for you. Again, you can specify your budget in the description. A couple quick hints on purchasing a piece of land for a tiny house (having just went through this recently). Make sure the land perks if you plan to put a septic tank in the ground. Also, make sure the land is zoned to allow for a home the size you’re planning to build. When you agree to a price on the land, you will enter into a due diligence period before you close on it. Be sure to go through these steps and that the land will suite your specific needs.

Parking Available For Rent: Have some extra space for a mobile dwelling on your property or piece of land? This type of posting is best-suited for you. Make some extra cash from unused land and help a fellow tiny house dweller out by offering it to them.

Parking Available For Sale: Many tiny house dwellers prefer to own the land their home sits on. If you’re a land owner or realtor with a piece of land that is zoned to allow small dwellings, this type of posting type is what you’ll want to go with.

When browsing through the site and using the navigation at the top, if you don’t see your city in the drop downs or large city near you, that simply means no postings exist in that city…yet.

The site is by no means completely finished so I ask that if you have suggestions, please email them to me using this contact page.

Like so many others who have a deep passion for tiny houses and the benefits they offer, it is my genuine hope that the tiny house movement continues to catch on with folks and solutions like this HOPEFULLY help tiny house dwellers have one more tool under their tiny belt.

You can visit the Tiny House Parking website by click here.

Introducing Small House Swoon

by Steven Harrell of Tiny House Listings

Having been in the tiny house business for several years now, one reaction I hear alot from folks who are new to the tiny-living concept goes something like “there’s no way I could live in a house that small” or “I have kids and we’d be too cramped.” Understandable. I personally could live full-time in a teardrop camper if it were just me but to each is own.

An argument I’ve made to folks is that I believe there are two driving forces behind the tiny house movement…Solutions and Inspiration.

So having said that, I thought that creating a website that features beautiful and small (not tiny) homes around the world for folks wanting a little extra inspiration and a little extra room (you know, folks with kiddos and such) might be a good idea. So I recently launched a website called Small House Swoon.

It’s very similar to another website I run called Tiny House Swoon except that the homes are small and unique, not tiny and unique.

A small home in Seattle, Washington. Photo courtesy of Ninebark Design Build.

So that’s it, my effort to provide you a centralized space where small house eye candy will be featured for your viewing pleasure. You can also follow the site on Facebook here.

Thanks to Kent for being a driving force behind the tiny house movement and thank you for reading.

Tiny House Vacations

by Steven Harrell

Over the course of the past several years while running the Tiny House Listings website, I have came across countless tiny and small homes that aren’t for sale. However, they are for rent…short-term.

Since the Tiny House Listings website is exclusively for people or businesses that want to sell their tiny house or rent it long-term, it has been frustrating turning away so many folks that have made their small spaces available to others that are just passing through, are on vacation, or would just like to try the experience of living temporarily in a small space.

So I decided to create a website where owners of tiny and small spaces for short-term rent can list their short-term/vacation rental properties, all in one place, for free!

A restored Airstream that you can rent by the night in Santa Barbara, California. Click here to learn more here.

The Tiny House Vacations website features tiny spaces for rent throughout the world, so tiny destination vacations will be alot easier to find once the site matures and more rentals are added to the site.

A tiny house on wheels vacation rental in Olympia, Washington. Click to learn more here.

If you own a tiny or small space that is available for short-term rent, be sure to list it here.

Also, please be sure to follow The Tiny House Vacations Facebook Page to get updates. Thanks for reading!

A 40 Square Foot Tiny House, An Old Workshop, and a New One in North Carolina!

An update, before I drop some info on a NEW hands-on building workshop collaboration in North Carolina (below)…

We recently just completed our Tiny House-Building Workshop two weekends ago, and it was absolutely incredible(!) to get to hang with a group of twenty-plus people for so long a time. It’s amazing how well you get to know and bond with people when a workshop becomes a camp-out, not to mention an all-out, tiny-house-obsessed, event. We had attendees from New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Connecticut, Kansas, Kentucky, and beyond- and luckily the weather was GREAT (we got hit with a big storm two days later!)

tiny house on wheels


Aside from many guest speakers including Sage Radachowsky (Gypsy Wagon Dweller), Doug Immel (Fencl Builder), Dustin “Dr. Demolition” Diedricksen (Small Home Dweller and Environmental Engineer), Tristan Chambers and Libby Reinish (who brought out their Whittled Down Caravan), and Mariah Coz (n’ Matt!) (who lugged out their ultra-cool Comet Camper), we all collaborated on building a tiny travel trailer/tiny house. Continue reading