Utilitoy Trailer

With gas prices so high these days and not likely to go down anytime soon. The idea of towing your vacation home down the road may soon be a thing of the past. Like the Utilitoy site says, if you want to vacation in your home, than camp in your home, if you want an adventure go in a Utilitoy.

Though not a tiny house the Utilitoy would make a great extra bedroom for a tiny house or hop in your small car and attach it and go on a vacation to the beach, or the woods, or mountains.

The Utilitoy is made to be ultra lightweight and is very versatile and practical. It is designed to fit into a standard garage for easy storage and unlike most teardrops will easily sleep a family of four. It also can be used as a utility trailer, so you can haul around kayaks, mountain bikes, lumber or furniture. It can be cleaned out with a garden hose. At a base weight of only 962 pounds it really is a light trailer. Continue reading