Ryan’s Cracking The Code Updated

Ryan Mitchell from The Tiny Life contacted me recently to let me know about an update to his popular book Cracking the Code and I wanted to share it with you as it is full of great information. Here is what Ryan has to say about it:

Many of you have checked out our ebook Cracking The Code – A guide to building codes and zoning for tiny houses; well today I have some good news! We have updated the ebook and added 14 more pages of core content to the ebook with our Toolkit!

Here’s the kicker! If you bought the old version, I just sent you the updated version for FREE! So those of you who supported The Tiny Life, thanks so much, we hope you’ll enjoy the free update.

The Toolkit comes out of some great feedback we got from the first version, where I presented what I came up with as the single best approach to tiny houses and building codes. What we have learned since then is that people were able to take what we taught them and then started coming up with some creative ways to make tiny houses legal in their own towns. So I took those approaches and created this Toolkit which teaches you 10 additional ways to make a tiny house legal!

Get your copy today!

Get Cracking The Code Here

cracking the code update

Get Cracking The Code Here

Tiny House Survey

Ryan Mitchell over at The Tiny Life blog is taking a tiny house survey and he asked if I would  help him gather the information. If you live in a tiny house please take a few minutes and fill out the form below.

After the information is gathered Ryan will share the results with us and I will report back to you. The survey starts below the picture.

Thank you for your help!

little house on a trailer

Charlotte North Carolina Tiny House Conference

Ryan Mitchell over at The Tiny Life blog says: “It is official!  The Tiny House Conference is happening.”  The conference will be in Charlotte NC, April 16th from 10am to 7pm.  The conference is completely free for all that wish to attend.  Just a little over two weeks from now so be sure and put it into your schedule if you live near this area of the country.  Ryan decided to combine forces with Charlotte’s Center for Sustainability, which is a larger event and therefore will allow more activities to do.

They have agreed to combine efforts, their Green Eco-friendly festival, with Ryan’s tiny house education sessions.  So the tiny house group is officially under the umbrella of the Charlotte Clean and Green Festival, which boasts a huge array of things to do.  Ryan has also arranged to have tours of a completely off the grid container home.  During the day Ryan will be teaching classes on tiny houses, running a booth on urban chickens, and running tours of the container home.

You can do all these things that Ryan is offering, plus they will have a full schedule of free classes on all sorts of green topics.  Ryan will be posting the class schedule, and they are going to be some awesome classes!  There will be 100+ booths on all sorts of green /ecofriendly items.  After the classes have ended the group will break off from the larger festival as the tiny house group and will head off to a large community garden where they will be giving a tour of the garden, the chickens, quail and an informal talk on local sustainable agriculture.  If folks still have time they will grab dinner after and talk. Get the full scoop at The Tiny Life blog.


Seating In a Tiny House

Guest post by Ryan Mitchell of TheTinyLife.com

In a Tiny House, space matters. Your choices about what you put in that space matters even more. One of the bulkier items, that we often find we simply can’t live without is seating. While we spend 8 hours of our day sleeping, we fill the rest of our day with work, leisure and socializing, a lot of which, we do sitting down. As humans, we are by nature social creatures, which mean that not only do we need seating for ourselves, but others too. Having a dinner party, meetings or game night in a Tiny House can be interesting when it comes to providing chairs for everyone. Here are a few ideas of how to balance the need for seating, while conserving space.

This chair was designed by Marina Bautier, with an integrated stool/table. While not in use it is able to be stowed within the foot print of the other. With a natural wood finish, it blends well with a Tiny House interior and one is able to double your capacity with no extra square footage.
Source: http://www.lamaisondemarina.com/ Continue reading

The Tiny Life – New kid on the Block

I want to take a moment and extend a welcome to Ryan Mitchell who will be presenting his thoughts and experiences as he joins the Tiny House movement with his new blog The Tiny Life. Here is what Ryan says about his plans for his blog:

The Tiny Life is a resource for those seeking information on Tiny Living, Tiny Houses, etcetera. Our Localize component of our website is to allow those who are interested in these topics to connect with people locally, reguardless of where they may live.


We seek to provide more than just information on Tiny Houses, we aim to have discussions on Living life…..Tiny! So we refer to our site as a Tiny Lifestyle blog.

Ryan lives in Charlotte, NC, he has been following the Tiny House movement for almost a year now and had decided to become a part of it by launching this website! He hopes to build his Tiny House within a year, where he wants to take it with him to pursure his Doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology. If you have any comments, concerns etcetera, please don’t hesitate to contact him.

So bookmark Ryan’s blog and visit often. Welcome aboard Ryan!

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