What’s It Like to Move a Tiny House?

Moving a tiny house is a lot like having a baby. You can eat right, you can go to the doctor, you can read baby books, and watch videos; but in the end the baby is going to come out and be what it is. It’s stressful, and amazing, all at the same time.

After fourteen long months of construction of my tiny house, moving day arrived. Let me tell you, there is only so much planning you can do and eventualities you can attempt to control, and then you just have to let go. And “letting go” is not my strong suit so this was not an easy part of the adventure for me.

My moving day came a bit earlier than I really wanted. For some unknown reason, the landlord suddenly decided it was time for me to move it and in a rather dramatic fashion, she informed me thusly. I could have chosen to fight her and I’m not sure that her objections were/are a legal basis for the threats she lobbied against me. But, I chose instead to put my emotional energy towards finding a solution even if that meant finding a short term one, and then a long term one, sooner than I had planned.


I used painter’s tape to keep my kitchen drawers from flying open while in transit.

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My Tiny House Horse Trailer

horse trailer tiny home

Guest Post by Tom Hebert

In 2002, I designed and built this as a combination horse trailer and live-in camper. Come the Millennium and I could live in it. It is the only trailer designed and built in America to be pulled by a four-cylinder vehicle. I get up to 19 MPG on the road and it will go and has gone, just about everywhere a trailer can go. The design key to the design, is that it is a single-axle, which is actually safer than a four-wheel horse trailer because one takes care of the tires carefully. Most flats on horse trailers occur because folks don’t take care of the tires. And this rig is built stronger than other horse trailers. Plus after many thousands of miles over 13 years, my horse still loves to travel in it. Note the large window he can see out of while I can watch him to see that everything is okay back there. Continue reading

Tiny House Trailer

air stream

Guest post by Peter Schweitzer

My wife and I bought it and renovated it right after we got married as we were planning on moving for school and we were not quite sure where we wanted to settle down. After I finished school here in Portland, Oregon we ended up deciding we wanted to stay.

My wife Kate is an artist and I am a photographer so we needed a bit more room to work on our art. We wanted to find some a house or studio with property so we could continue to use our airstream but we ended up finding the perfect house that did not have much of a yard, which is why we hope to pass it on to someone who can enjoy it as much as we did. Continue reading