Brevard Tiny House

by Annelise Hagedorn

I thought you might be interested in a new tiny house company that my husband, father, and father-in-law are starting in the mountains of North Carolina, Brevard Tiny House The business has grown out of our family’s insatiable interest in tiny houses that started a few years ago when my husband took a class in sustainable design at UNC Asheville.


While living and teaching English in Sri Lanka last year, we made the decision to design and build our own tiny house. Our dads have extensive backgrounds in construction, and after a few months of designing and redesigning we came up with a unique floor plan that works perfectly for our needs. After a welcome home/beginning construction party on the 4th of July we were able to complete the tiny house in just one month! It was a community effort involving friends, grandparents, and curious neighbors. We then towed the tiny house on a 14 hour journey to Pennsylvania, where we now reside and attend graduate school, and found some awesome landlord/neighbors via craigslist. Now we are taking it a step further, by sharing our experience and our talents with other potential tiny house dwellers!

living room

Located just 35 minutes south of Asheville, NC in the quaint mountain town of Brevard, our company is conveniently situated near multiple state parks and the Pisgah National Forest. Future Tiny House dwellers can come check out the progress on their home while seeing the sites of Asheville (like the Biltmore house, Grove Park Inn, Highland Brewing Company, The Hop ice cream shop, and downtown) and Brevard (like Sliding Rock, Looking Glass Falls or Rainbow Falls, Oskar Blues Brewing or Brevard Brewing, Dupont State Forest: home of the Hunger Games filming, and Dolly’s ice cream shop). You may even catch one of the many festivals in downtown Brevard, or a glimpse of the town’s famous white squirrels!

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Dickinson Marine Newport Stove for Sale

by Fulton Forde


I’ve been keeping up to date on the world of small homes on your blog for a couple of years. My girlfriend and i moved into our tiny home that we designed and built a year and a half ago in western North Carolina. We used a Dickinson Marine Newport p12000 heater for the beginning of this winter, but I was able to get a great deal on a tiny wood stove and now I am selling my year old Dickinson, flue, rain cap and flue extension.

I am listing it on Ebay, but I know it was hard for me to find the heater at a good deal, so I wanted the readers of your blog to know about it if they were interested. I’ve attached some lousy pictures taken with my computer as i don’t have a digital camera. Thanks for keeping up the great blog.

Here is the Ebay Listing Starting price is $450. Thanks for checking out!

Dickinson Marine Newport p12000

stove inside house

our tiny house

Bowerbirds’ Hand-Built Tiny Art Studio and Small Cabin/ Recording Studio

by Beth Tacular

As a long-time reader of Tiny House Blog, I’m really excited to share with all of you the tiny building project I’m working on. I’m an artist and musician, living in rural North Carolina. For the last six years, my partner, Phil, and I have been busy with two projects: touring around the world as the Bowerbirds, and building a set of small live-work buildings out of salvaged materials.

We write reverent songs, mostly about our love for the natural world and about finding ways to make a life outside of mainstream culture. We’re currently working on our next album, which we want to record in our small cabin, and for which we are running a Kickstarter campaign. We thought some of you might be interested in hearing about our project ( or might want to order music and art made in a tiny studio, for holiday gifts, or just for yourselves, which we’re giving away to funders of the new album.

We first started our small building project with no real construction experience, but with a crazy obsession with handmade houses, especially really little ones. In 2007 we bought some cheap land in rural North Carolina, on which we parked an AirStream trailer that we got for a steal ($900!). We lived in the AirStream for three years, with no running water, electric lights or real source of heat, so that we could afford to start the band, record albums, make art, go on tours, and put all our money back into the building project.

Phil in airstream

(above: Inside the Airstream in winter)

The first thing we built was a 240 square foot art studio, where I make art and write songs on a very small piano, and with a sleeping loft where we’re sleeping while we finish the larger (but still small – 493 feet plus a 168 square foot loft) cabin. We’ve been inspired by stories on this Tiny House Blog about how many people have chosen to live with less and more simply, in order to save money, to create more time for doing what they want with their lives, to be more self-sufficient, and to have less of a negative impact on the land they live on. Because we work at home, in professions (art and music) that require a lot of gear, equipment, and supplies, we can’t really live in as tiny of a house as some people can get by with, but we can create small, multi-use spaces, just big enough for us to get everything done that we need to do. And if we feel cramped, there’s always the woods outside. Continue reading