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12 Tiny House Plans Sale

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My friend Michael Janzen who publishes the Tiny House Design blog just revamped all his plans and he is offering them for a special price for 5 days only starting at noon today Pacific Standard Time, June 15, 2015.

12 new and improved tiny house plans available for $79 for 5 days only. After the sale is over the plans will be available individually for $29 each.” – Tiny House Design

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Tall Man’s Tiny House

Guest Post by Adam Leu

This past winter, my brother and I decided to try our hands at a tiny house build. With my skills as a builder and my brother’s as an artist and designer, we set out with a rough design and many things to learn. We began with a modified plan that was inspired by two of Michael Janzen’s solar house plans from tinyhousedesign.com. The final product is the beaming rustic modern tiny house you see above.

Our spacious tiny house began as a 20 ft trailer with dual #3500 axles that transported a lowly camper in days bygone. Painted and leveled, construction was ready to begin.

Tall Mans Tiny House

The now completed rustic modern home is 21ft long, cantilevered a foot off the back, and semi-divided into three seven-foot sections. The square footage is approximately 130 sq ft, not including the additional sleeping loft. It has a maxed out 8ft 6 in width and towering 13ft 3in height, with a folding deck and removable awning for travel. While the weight is yet to be determined, it is estimated at 5500 – 6000 pounds.

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Tiny House Map

Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders and Michael Janzen of Tiny House Design have collaborated on a new website called TinyHouseMap.com. This is a map-based classified listings site in which the goal is to connect the tiny house community and to take it to a local level.

You can list yourself on the website and find others in your area who have the same interest. If you have an open house, workshop, or are a builder you can list that too.

If you do not want to much information about yourself online you can limit it but it is nice to have a way to contact you if possible. If you have a website or blog you can list it as well.

Check it out today!

Tiny House Map

Tiny House Floor Plans Book Review

Michael Janzen from Tiny House Design and I have been friends since he started blogging about tiny house design. Michael has a talent for designing and has helped a lot of people who are dreaming about building a tiny home someday. Michael has created free plans, affordable plans (several of which have been built), Google Sketchup videos, and now, his latest effort, a book of Tiny House Floor Plans with over 200 interior designs for tiny homes.

Tiny House Floor Plans

I have had the privilege of previewing both the paperback book and his electronic version. I am happy to say they are both high quality and worth the money he is requesting for them.

Michael’s book is for those of you still in the planning or dreaming stage of building a tiny house. Michael has put together over 200 plans ranging in size from 8 ft. wide to 12 ft. wide. Some finished homes could be put on a trailer and others built on a foundation. These are all floor plans that you could use, you just need to decide on how you want to build the structure to meet your tiny house needs.

One of the neat things Michael does with his floor plans is use standard size fixtures. A standard size toilet, sink, shower, couch, and bed are all included in these floor plans eliminating the need for custom fixtures for your tiny home. Continue reading

Bill Brooks Tiny Solar House Part 4

Tiny Solar House part 4 by Bill Brooks. This video covers his loft design and sleeping area. Bill also goes into some design issues he came across as he built his house. Some things he would change if he was to build it again. Thanks Bill for sharing your knowledge and your tiny house with us.

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