Jeff’s Greenhouse Guest Cabin

by Jeff Turner

A few years back we were camping in a two man tent every weekend while building a home in the mountains. Having to set the tent up and take it down every week was beginning to wear on us. Especially since the location we were building in was considered a temperate rain forest. This usually meant we had to reset it up again in the garage later to dry out, as well as take it down. I figured a more permanent structure would be in our best interest, so we set out to build a tiny house to replace our tent. We affectionately refer to it as our “Shanty in the woods.” Even though we have finished our house it continues to sleep the occasional visitor when all beds and sofas have been exhausted.

cabin in the snow

At our home in the city 2 hours away we were in need of additional storage and I had been thinking of building a storage building. Our garage, out of necessity for my work, had been turned into a shop. The amount of dust I generated was not good for our camping gear, lawnmowers, bikes, etc.

On a trip to the recycle center one afternoon I noticed 3 large pallets of commercial windows. I inquired about them and was told they were headed for the crusher. I asked if I could maybe buy about 10 as I had been thinking about building a solar water heater. He allowed me to take two of them home to see if the size would be right for me and said he would ask his boss about a price. When he told me $5 each I was interested. We had taken 4th place in Mother Earth News “backyard garden” contest the year before. Ever since then, I had always wished I could have a small greenhouse and at $5 a window, that could be a reality.

loft and window

I thought about combining my storage shed with a greenhouse which could also serve as a “Tiny guest house”. In the end I was able to purchase 66 windows for $200 or $3 each.

Our municipality allows a 12’ x 12’ structure without a permit. With the exception of a shed roof for the lawnmower I was able to do it.

micro kitchen

As a tiny house it incorporates everything that one would need. It has a toilet, sleeping loft, cable, running water, electricity, and heat. The south facing glass is a great source of free heat. Lately, night time temperatures have been in the low 30’s, although the inside temperature has stayed above 50 with no supplemental heat needed.

unique window


exterior view and door

window and greenhouse

front view

Goldfinch For Sale

This tiny guest house by Bungalow to Go offers 120 square feet of living space permanently attached to a 16′ 10,000 pound capacity utility trailer.

This guest house has an open great room that allows flexibility for ground floor sleeping. The split loft design leaves a cathedral ceiling open in the main room, an 8′ loft that comfortably fits a queen size mattress, and a 4′ wide loft at the front suited for storage or a twin size mattress for smaller guests. A nook in the front offers a great view and a convenient place for an office with recessed task lighting and handy internet, cable, USB, and power outlets. Spalted maple laminate floors and smooth finished drywall interior walls painted with a soft cream yellow matte finish paint are lit by ten dual paned insulated vinyl windows with screens. Stylish Edison bulbs in pendant light fixtures and glossy oyster white trim details impart a classic style.

To get all the details, price and contact info go to Bungalow to Box’s website at this link:

Golfinch Great Room Listing Main Image

Golfinch Great Room Listing Main Image

Goldfinch Among Trees_0

Goldfinch Among Trees


Tiny House or Shed?

This last weekend my daughter was at a friend’s Birthday party. The party was at a Horse Ranch called Wells Family Ranch. While there, I came across a Tiny Shed/House and thought you might like to see the pictures. I’m not sure what it is used for, but I did peek through the window and saw a bed of some sort.

– Eric Lipska

tiny house 1

tiny house 2

Southern Fried Homes

I recently discovered another small/tiny home builder called Southern Fried Homes. Owned and operated by Tim Watson the company is located on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Tim has been building custom homes there for the past 22 years.

Small, affordable, and Southern Styled, Southern Fried Homes are attainable now, and you can grow them over time.

Oyster Wharf

You might also think of a Southern Fried Home as an Accessory Dwelling Unit. Whether used as a guest house, rental, or granny flat these units are a legal solution to your housing needs in a growing number of East Coast Communities. The goal is to keep these homes well appointed and low priced. They also can be delivered within weeks. Continue reading

Caleb’s Small Clog Guest House

by Caleb Clark

What: We built a small house in our Southern Vermont backyard and documented the process, including:

Who: We are not professional carpenters, nor will we be quitting our day jobs. Laura is an elementary school teacher at The Neighborhood Schoolhouse. I’m the director of the educational technology program at Marlboro College Graduate School. I also worked as a carpenter in my youth, and have always been interested in real estate. In November 2010 we bought a house on tiny 1/8th of an acre lot, 1/2 mile from downtown, Brattleboro, Vermont. (200 miles North of NYC). Continue reading