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Tiny House Blog Founder Interview

Kirsten Dirksen and Kent Griswold

I am not big on promoting myself, but several of you have told me to put this interview done by Kirsten Dirksen of faircompanies.com on the Tiny House Blog. I have put the video on the About page as an intro to new readers, but will also use it here as a post. I do […]

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Mortgage Free Tiny Home Story

Kirsten from faircompanies.com recently updated a video that I wanted everyone to see. The video is about Johnny Sanphillippo who lives in Hawaii and how on a small salary and over time he built himself a very comfortable small home to live in. I like the way Johnny went about doing this. First buying the […]

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Kirsten’s Innermost House Video

Last month I had the privilege of visiting Innermost House and getting personally acquainted with Diana and Michael Lorence. Kirsten Dirksen of faircompanies.com has also been invited to experience their home and has just completed a video of her visits. I feel her video brings to life a bit more of the unique experience of […]

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