The Tiny Houses of Christiana in Winter

A few years ago, I wrote about the tiny houses of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark. I was in Copenhagen again visiting family for the holidays and stopped by one of my all-time favorite communities again to photograph some of the tiny houses that dot this autonomous neighborhood. Christiania is a small community located within the city of Copenhagen where the 850 residents don’t pay property taxes, allowing them to build their own homes and create their own colorful architecture.


This place is a building inspector’s ultimate nightmare and a tiny house lover’s dream come true. Many of the tiny houses of Christiania were built utilizing already existing structures that were left over from when this area used to be a military base. The structures were added to with salvaged materials or items tossed out by non-Christiania residents. Other homes are created out of German bauwagens, boats, random windows, sheds or greenhouses. Since Christiania is also located in a park-like area with a large lake, residents take advantage of this and build some homes on floating platforms. I spoke to a Christiania resident about how to obtain a home or land in this free form community. He said it’s extremely difficult and you either have to know someone or you have to have grown up in the area to get hold of some land to build a house. Many residents stay for their entire lives and only give up their home to a friend or family member.


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Tiny House in a Landscape

Hey, I’ve been a lurker of your blog for ages and recently expatriated from Seattle to Germany (where the tiny houses seem to come in droves). I just got back from a vacation in Denmark and got some great “Tiny House in a Landscape” type photos that I couldn’t wait to share with you.

The first photo is my favorite, although it is almost difficult to spot the house, it’s so tiny. It was taken from a castle ruin, a little bit of which you can see in the foreground. Enjoy! And thank you for running such an excellent blog! -Isabelle Lafreniere

tiny tiny house


green roof tiny house

Tiny House in a Landscape

Rune from Denmark sent me this photo for this weeks Tiny House in a Landscape. Rune says: Yesterday I came across this tiny house when I was out biking along Roskilde Fjord in Denmark. I immediately thought about your blog when I saw it, and took this picture thinking it might be a candidate for your Tiny House in a Landscape weekly update.

Here is a link to my DeviantArt profile page where this picture is also featured:

Thanks Rune for thinking of us and taking this excellent picture.