RVC Outdoor Destinations

by Kent Griswold on February 12th, 2012. 13 Comments

by Katie Breyer

I work with a company (RVC Outdoor Destinations) that has created & branded the concept of Outdoor Destinations. These are basically outdoor resorts for luxurious camping with upscale amenities and accommodations mixed with beautiful natural environments. I’d like to tell you a little bit about their unique lodging options…

RVC worked with Athens Park Homes to create their own customized RVC Resort Cottages. They come fully furnished with lofts, flat screen TVs, washers/dryers, bathrooms, fully appointed kitchens, and fresh bed linens & towels. They also include a BBQ grill, picnic table, and fire ring for outdoor cooking and gathering. While RVC Resort Cottages are small, they can sleep up to four adults and two children with the bedroom, loft and fold-out sofa. Continue Reading »

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Seattle Backyard Cottages

by Kent Griswold on May 27th, 2010. 15 Comments

Jordan sent me this article by USA Today about people building backyard cottages in the Seattle area. This would be a great place for a tiny house such as Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Bodega or any other tiny house design. Here is the intro to the article:

John Stoeck is building a one-bedroom, 437-square-foot cottage on the spot where his garage stood before a tree fell on it. Construction costs: about $50,000. When the cottage is finished this summer, he plans to rent it for at least $900 a month, which will make a nice dent in his mortgage payments.

His is just one of about 50 tiny cottages sprouting in backyards across the city as it tries to expand affordable housing options in established neighborhoods without resorting to high rises and apartment complexes. The city changed zoning rules to allow cottages in single-family neighborhoods citywide, rejected a proposed cap of 50 cottages a year and helped organize a design competition to spur creation of reasonably priced plans. The point is not just to allow the cottages, but to encourage them.
By Judy Keen, USA TODAY

Read the complete article here at USA Today. Photo Credit USA Today

Tiny House Paintings

by Kent Griswold on March 9th, 2010. 4 Comments

Tracy Booth contacted me the other day about some cool paintings she creates with tiny houses. Tracy is an independent artist from Western North Carolina. I’ll let her tell you what inspired her to create these beautiful paintings.

My tiny house paintings were inspired by my love of tiny homes and spaces. My husband and I have lived in a variety of small homes from studio apartments to log cabins and tiny cottages. In living small, we continually reinvent our lives insmall ways that have resulted in large changes in our thoughts and habits. We try to live greener, better, and freer.

I have been living in the beautiful southern Appalachian mountains for many years now. After working as a theatre lighting technician for over fourteen years, I decided I needed a change.

Since then, my desire for art has turned into a fulltime profession. I have my artwork displayed in several galleries and have had a couple solo shows in the region. Besides trying to live below our means and doing what I can to grow some organic foods, I embrace making art for these small, comfortable spaceswhich calm my soul. Even a small home has plenty of room for beauty and inspiration!

“Dream big – live small”

Please visit Tracy’s Gallery and if you like what she has to offer give her some business.

Portland Tiny Homes: Reused and Recycled

by Kent Griswold on October 5th, 2009. 12 Comments

Guest Post by Tammy Strobel

I’ve been obsessed with these tiny Portland Cottages ever since I read about Jeff and Brad’s building techniques on OregonLive.com last year.

Fantastic Tiny Home Tour

I was lucky enough to tour these tiny cottages during my mini-vacation a few months ago. When I arrived in Portland, I sent Jeff and Brad a quick email on the off chance that they might be around and let me tour their beautiful little homes. To my surprise Jeff emailed me back and said yes!


Jeff and Brad are the cottage designers and builders. The couple created these beautiful spaces using salvaged and recycled materials. Brad has been building in Oregon for over 30 years and Jeff has an incredible amount of experience in gardening and masonry. Continue Reading »