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Surfside Cottages

surfside cottages

John Woods says: On a recent trip to San Diego, I came across this cute collection of tiny cottages just off the pier in Ocean Beach, California. I snapped these pictures from the pier while looking back towards the shore. It was a little hazy the day I visited, but what a great place to […]

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RVC Outdoor Destinations

by Katie Breyer I work with a company (RVC Outdoor Destinations) that has created & branded the concept of Outdoor Destinations. These are basically outdoor resorts for luxurious camping with upscale amenities and accommodations mixed with beautiful natural environments. I’d like to tell you a little bit about their unique lodging options… Cottages RVC worked […]

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Seattle Backyard Cottages

Jordan sent me this article by USA Today about people building backyard cottages in the Seattle area. This would be a great place for a tiny house such as Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Bodega or any other tiny house design. Here is the intro to the article: John Stoeck is building a one-bedroom, 437-square-foot cottage on […]

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